I feel bad that i got my stepdad arrested

I got my stepdad arrested because he slapped me in the face we were fighting and he got mad yelled at me go ahead yell me again in my face I did and he slapped me
I am a spoiled brat or a b**** and no I can’t afford to live on my own so before you answer just say nice things not nasty comments

Apr 10, 2021

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  • Jack made this all up in his sick mind!

  • You didn't get your stepdad arrested, he did that to himself.

  • Idiot . Of course your a libtard .

  • Hey Honey! Jackie's crying again, will you go change his diaper for him?

  • Jackie is enjoying more than anybody else...feels good to be the center of attraction Eh, Jackie my boy

  • Jackie loves it! He JERKSoff to this shitt

  • But Cody wants blaine’s mom. It has been years now...please🙏🏻

  • Hey Jackie how big is you s******! Is it a mirocDICK or you hung like a stud field mouse?

  • Hi A man duh

  • Its jackie again the f****** idiot

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