I slapped my wife

My wife woke up early and was not in good mood as always in the morning. She slapped my 1 year old son 2 times since morning because he was making noice and was not letting her asleep.
While I was having breakfast, my son dropped open water bottle on the floor while playing. My wife came from the kitchen, cursed him and slapped badly in his head that his head hit the floor. While hitting my son, her face was so close to my hand. In a second, my hand slapped her cheek unconsciously. This was something I never wanted to do in my life..
Now I am in a deep s***. She is not talking to me. I tried to apologize but she is not listening. She didn't make any action until now, leaving home or calling her mother.
I ruined my life in a second. What should I do now. I love my son and couldn't see him getting hurt this way.
Please suggest what should I do?
How can I get her back?

14 days

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  • Your wife is extremely abusive to your son. He is 1. Slapping a baby because he dropped a bottle (or anything) is absolutely insane. If you feel as bad as you do slapping a grown woman who can defend yourself, imagine how much worse you'd feel slapping a baby. Your wife doesn't seem to get this. You need to get your son out of this abusive situation. Don't try and get your wife back. Try and save your son from a lifetime of being scared and abused.

  • You should of sat on her stomach

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