Julia and Gary

I met a very attractive couple in their late 20s called Julia and Gary. Julia was a slim fit blonde who was incredibly sexy without trying and Gary a tall sporty guy.

Although it in my early 60s, I found Julia very attractive and would regularly fantasise about Julia and m********* over her on a very regular basis.

One fantasy was that I messaged Julia with a request which went like this:

Hi Julia, I’ve got a favour to ask! Ask your boyfriend Gary to get some photos of you and then ask them to send them to me. I want to see you lying back on your bed just wearing your favourite pair of heels, spreading your legs as wide as you can so I can see your tight little pink f****. Stare right into the camera lens and smile, giggle for me as you spread your legs so I can see what usually only Gary gets to see. Maybe get a few photos out on the balcony too! Put your cat in the bathroom so it doesn’t get in the way!

I’d also like some of you on the bed on your hands and knees. Tell Gary to get some photos of your tight little bumhole for me! Then look back over your shoulder and smile!

And if you wouldn’t mind making a few videos for me, I’d love to hear you say things like “hi, is that Polly’s dad? Can you see my little blonde bum hole you dirty perv?! Did you used to w*** over me from your cell? You dirty b******, masturbating as you look at photos my boyfriend took of me spreading my legs showing my little pink f****!”

Thanks Julia. Say thanks to Gary for sending us some photos of your little f****. Very awkward!!!!

Apr 11, 2021

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