I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had

I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had, then I’ll be a real man today, and after I gotten out of prison, I could have gone off to a half way house to work my way back into Society. I would have been away for years from my neglectful destructive abusive family and I would have done well in prison as a young person, I would have had councillors and job skill training and I would have slowly became a new better person, and I would not have had to deal with the very people who raised me. I would have been in prison for no more than 5 years, but in those 5 years, I could have worked with my lawyer and my parole officer to have made sure I never returned to my abusive absentee family, I would have gone too a Half way house 1000 km away from my Family. If I had a smarter mind, I would have done just that so that I’ll be a hard working real family man today, instead of a good for nothing loser.
If I was smarter, I would have broke the law ( too have gone to prison) to have gotten far away from my Abusive family who raised me the wrong way. Any crime I committed in my troubled youth would have greatly benefited me to have gotten far away from Neglect-s** abuse- no job skills/training- mental abuse- emotional abuse- childhood isolation- physical abuse and No real Girlfriend.
If I only broke the law to get the Justice system to work for me instead, instead of fearing it, I should have looked forward to the Justice System getting me far away from all the stupid s*** I put up with. I should have forced the Police and Justice system to get me away, to be a somebody today, instead of a great big Nobody today.

Apr 24, 2021

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  • Yes, it’s easy to go to prison. Make sure you commit a serious crime so you can get a hefty sentence. Once this has been accomplished you can be some big moolies b****. They will trade you for cigarettes and or drugs and you will love it, good luck.

  • It's never too late to go to prison...

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