I got Alzheimer’s, I got maybe 30 years left

I confess I got Alzheimer’s, I just found out all about this terrible Brain sickness that is eating away at my mind. I was told I have to go through 7 Stages of H*** before my life ends on this Earth. And they are.

StageExpected Duration of StageEstimated Life Expectancy (Years Remaining)
Stage 1: No Cognitive DeclineN/AN/A
Stage 2: Very Mild Cognitive DeclineUnknownMore than 10 years
Stage 3: Mild Cognitive DeclineBetween 2 years and 7 years10 years
Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Decline2 yearsBetween 8 and 3 years
Stage 5: Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline1.5 yearsBetween 6.5 and 1.5 years
Stage 6: Severe Cognitive Decline2.5 years4 years or less
Stage 7: Very Severe Cognitive Decline1.5 to 2.5 years2.5 years or less

Hmmmm, I seem to be getting there in my 40’s now, I got the Stage 1 of Alzheimer’s so far.
( age 40’s this decade 2020’s)

maybe in less than 10 years to 15 years, I’ll get to Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Alzheimer’s
( age 50’s year 2030’s)

and on year 16 to 21. I’ll be on Stage 4 and Stage 5 of Alzheimer’s
( age late 50’s, 60’s year 2040’s)

and year 22 to 30, I’ll be on Stage 6 Alzheimer’s
( age mid-60’s to 70 years old, Year 2050)

Stage 7 of Alzheimer’s is
Year 31 ( 2051) might be my very last decade Alive, you never know, I might reach 80 years old to 2060, if I have the courage and Man power to decide on living that long with this incurable brain defect known as Alzheimer’s.
nevertheless, my life is going to be H*** if I decide not to end my life in Switzerland or Belgium in the future after I reached Stage 6 of Alzheimer’s, because being told I have Alzheimer’s is not making my Life any better.
It’s not my fault I gotten Alzheimer’s neither, my Grandmother or Grandma also suffered terribly with Alzheimer’s, so I think that’s who passed Alzheimer’s on to her Grandson in the 1990’s.
Nevertheless I got 7 Stages of H*** to go through with Alzheimer’s, I got lots to look forward to in this cursed world, I just hope I don’t suffer too much in my years.

Apr 6, 2021

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  • There it's no worse way to die. Ends in a useless unimportant unremembered death while you're strapped on a hospital bed, mad and angry at the world not knowing why and forgetting how to live.
    You could be sleeping in your room and wake up thinking that you're 20 years younger not knowing where you are not recognizing anything and leaving your house looking for where you're supposed to be having an episode. End up in a mental ward arrested or worse, it's not as if police are trained to recognize or identify this sort of thing you could be in jail for days. You lose your rights to handling money to make decisions about your life and you spend the rest of your life slowly forgetting everything, everyone, every face every event, everything in your life you did disappeared and been destroyed never to be retrieved.
    It should be a person's right, if they can prove without any doubt things are not going to get better, they should be allowed to choose the time and place their death about bulshit Society puts you through.
    Alzheimer's is the worst way to die I would rather eat a bullet live like that. Forget my son? Forget his name? Forget his mother? Forget who I am how to breed how to live. Anyone who says that suicide or killing yourself the sooner wrong has never faced the prospect I'm having Alzheimer's. There is no cure there is no treatment there is nothing fading away. A useless worthless life stolen.

  • I have memory loss at a young age and I'll be 64 y/o this May 2021

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