I want to see the World before I die

I confess that I tried Suicide only once in my life, but who hasn’t, everybody has tried Suicide just once in their life’s. I failed to kill myself, I never wanted anybody to feel sorry for me. I just wanted to end my misery and loneliness and despair and Isolation. I hated everybody and everything, so I tried Suicide, but it failed. Now I want to choose my death date, I don’t want to live, but I don’t to fail at Suicide neither, so I decided to go somewhere where help is available for me, and that’s Washington State or Oregon or Colorado or Vermont. And I’ll choose my death date, but not before I’ve gone on a 17 year journey over the whole United States.
And I’ll recreate the fictional Journey of Joel Miller and Ellie ( The Last of Us 2013) in their journey from Boston to Jackson to Salt Lake City before I decide on my death date in one of these 4 states where assisted suicide is legal, more likely it will be Denver Colorado or Tillamook Oregon where I’ll meet my demise. I want to see the world before I die, also before that death date, I’ll have to sign my own death certificate before I decide on what substance will kill me.
Will it be Fentanyl- no it’s too much of a Failure, it can’t kill me quick enough
Will it be Propofol- maybe, Propofol is super deadly, but harder to get over the counter
Will it be Heroin- yes maybe, 4 quick overdoses will kill me instantly
Will it be Cocaine- no Cocaine is too addictive and too painful for the brain
Will it be Nembutal- extreme yes, but takes a hour to kill me
Will it be Barbiturates- no I don’t want eternal sleep, I might wake up in extreme pain and I’ll scream in terror.
So my options are plenty, but I’ll have to choose one of these drugs to kill me quickly.

May 2

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  • Dont do it you will find happiness. I know it sounds stupid trust I've been at the bottom of the barrel before but i can promise you it doesn't last forever eventually happiness does find it's way. Stay strong and take it day by day

  • Go stand on a live train rail that`ll kill you.
    Don`t get knocked down by a train though that would be selfish as i twould leave a mess for others to clear up. Electrocution is clean and easy. Do it.

  • On 2nd thought, I’m going to Mexico to kill myself, I can spend no more then 200 dollars in Mexico to commit a quick painless Death. I’ll have to make a deal with the Mexicans to cremate me though and not bury me.

  • No thanks, I came into this world whole, I plan on leaving this world whole. And I’m gonna choose my own death date. And it might be in Europe, more likely Belgium or Switzerland that I’ll be spending my final hour. Unless I somehow change the Euthanasia law in the whole west, where voluntary Euthanasia and assisted Euthanasia is authorized through a Euthanasia Doctor where a doctor helps kill his patients if they want to die so badly.
    Something like a future Kevorkian's Law “ where it’s a Doctors duty to protect his patients from a bad and agonizing death by assisted Euthanasia “

  • Do you want to attempt it or do you want to commit it? Attempting is for attention, committing is for completion. Drugs won't do it unless you know exactly what you are doing (hence why lethal injection is tricky).

  • Yes, I do want to complete it. And I’ll destroy all my photos of my family, so that I’ll be forgotten. I really dislike this world. I was not properly prepared for it. Due to all the emotional and mental and physical abuse I suffered. I think it’s high time for me to just go off on my own into the sunset and wait for the sun to rise for me. But before I do that. I’ll be waiting patiently for me to go into the United States go off to Washington and Oregon and California and go off to Texas. And go explore the whole United States, go job hunting, get a real job and a real Girlfriend. Maybe even get myself a car until I’m 60 years old, then I’ll decide on what I’m gonna do from there. I might even decide on retirement in the U.S. go off to Florida for my retirement. And when I get far too weak and I can no longer look after myself.
    Then I’ll decide on “ Dying with Dignity “, maybe who knows, maybe I might not even choose any of the 4 States of Dying with Dignity law. I might go off to Europe for my final hour, save up 50 grand and make arrangements for my death certificate and go off to Switzerland for my final hour at the Dignitas clinic. And I’ll get cremated too and have my Ash’s thrown into the sea.

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