Got sweet Revenge on my Abusive teacher by seducing her Niece

( real confession, no bs) I confess that I’m a Douche and I never had very many friends in school, I hated everybody, I especially hated my teacher who treated me like I was the worst kid in school, while there were many other kids who were less smart then I was, me coming from a Italian background. I confess that she treated me unfairly many times and blamed me if the Bullies tried treating me like I had done something wrong. So as I gotten used to the school, I was really interested in a Girl that always got my attention to her, she was a real pretty girl and she and I liked each other a lot, we even became real good friends in school and we held hands. Then as we got closer, I noticed that she looked just like my Abusive teacher, I mean she really did look like her. Then I decided to become more then friends with her, then she told me that my Teacher was her auntie, I could not believe that she was my teacher’s Niece. She was my best friend and she was my teacher’s Niece. I did not know what to say, so I said nothing about it. Then as time went by, me and her decided to get together at my place for a little one on one action, me and her were dancing in my own bedroom. We were holding each other, then for no apparent reason.
I told her “ I loved her “ and that’s when she and I looked at each other’s eyes for no more then 10 seconds and we start kissing, I kissed her, she kissed me back, we stopped dancing and we wrapped our arms around each other and we were kissing and slobbering all over each other. Soon we went to bed, and we continued our kissing, I hated her because she was my teacher’s Niece, but in a way I fell in love with her, I put my extreme hatred aside for the fact that she was my teacher’s Niece and I fell in love with her in my own bedroom, my own best friend was now my lover. I got on top of her continuing too kiss her for over 20-25 mins, I got h****** top of her. Both the bottoms of our faces were completely wet from the Slobber we inflicted upon each other during our kissing, we never experienced anything like this. Then I got up, I ran out of breath kissing her, she and I were a big mess with slobber and drool all over ourselves. She loved me, I loved her as well, but in secret I hated her because she was my teacher’s Niece. The only reason me and her got together was so that we could experiment together, me and her were in a love/hate relationship, she loved me, but I 50/50 loved and hated her because she was my teacher’s Niece. We got together for a half a hour more, but I never told her the reason I seduced her, I seduced her because I wanted revenge on her auntie for abusing me in school. She and I may have been friends, but I hated her because she told me her auntie was my abusive Teacher. So I seduced her to make her heartbroken because I broke up with her so that she’ll know what it’s like for her to be like me, she and I may have gotten together, but I never forgot what her auntie did too me in school, so I became friends with her Niece so that I’ll seduce her and break up with her, so that she’ll cry hard for me to come back to her. I may have loved her as a Friend, but she should have never told me that her auntie was my abusive teacher, so now I guess I’m even with my teacher, by breaking her Nieces heart.

May 2, 2021

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  • You've mentioned "because she was my teacher’s Niece" too many times man

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