My wife

I got home from work early last night.
Have had this thing about spying on my wife so i took this opportunity to sneak around back to
Se what she was doing since she did not know i was home.
We been married 4 years.
I have a son from previous relationship he is 10 now.
My wife is a hottie.
I peek in window she talking on phone and getting night clothes out
She gets off phone and strips off naked.
She carries her night clothes and goes to bathroom with them probably going to take a shower. I hurry around to bathroom window because she masturbates often i know i watch before she gets in shower.
I peek in she’s on toilet legs spread and shes going at it. I can here her moaning all at wants she stops. I dont know why and walks out of bathroom i go back to out bed room window not there. I go around house thinking she went to kitchen not even thinking the fact she is naked. And she never walks around house naked when i am home let alone my son.
I go to kitchen not there but can here her talking
I go back around and she standing in my sons room leaned against the rhe door talking to
Im like wtf
Anyway they are talking about School
She she has her arms folded across chest as she talks to him She reached down and ran her finger up her slit while standing there.
A few minutes later back in bathroom she at it again and c*** thrusting her hips off toilet.
I tell my self he yelled for her and she just went and seen what he wants.
But is not naked in front of step son at that age wrong?
Idk how to bring this up to her.
Without her knowing i was watching.
Or if i should.

Jan 13, 2020

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  • I stayed at my aunt and uncle's place in Nevada when I went to college. They were both nudists, like ALL of the time at home. Finally I got up the courage to join them, when I came out my aunt saw me and said "Wow!. Then she actually reached down and stroked me a couple of times, like I saw her do to my uncle many times. But that was it, nothing more. I really did like looking at her naked p****, she would sit in the armchair with one leg over the armrest so I got to see everything. Sometimes I would get an erection, she would look at it and just smile.

  • Sounds like she is being naive or perverse one or the other.

  • Don't. She and your son are having fun.
    There nothing you can do as at some point they will become sexual. Your sons lucky he has a beautiful woman who loves him and will teach him.

    I suggest setting up spy camps to watch them. And get pleasure from it.

  • What if he tells his friends?

  • We she smart, she will tell him not to say anything and he will not. My step mom did similar stuff with me. It felt so go I wouldn't do anything that could end it.

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