My wife and I have Princess Days in which I am her servant

My wife and I have an equal relationship but of course that sometimes leads to arguments and one of the main things we argue about is the weekends and how much work we need to do around the house. She always wants more done than I think is reasonable. So after many of these arguments we sat down to resolve it and I said that if we could somehow make chores sexy for me that I would be more willing to do them. We talked about it until we came up with the idea of Princess Days.

The way it works that is we agree to a Saturday that will be a Princess Day, meaning that I have to do everything she says without complaint and with a good attitude. In other words, I have to treat her like a complete Princess and she treats me like her servant/slave. If I do her bidding to her satisfaction, I get rewarded at the end of the day with whatever kind of s** I want. But if I don't meet her standards then she spanks me with a paddle and also may decide to deny me sexually.

She gives me a list the night before of all the projects and chores she wants done, including what time I have to get up and everything. She also puts me on a schedule, so the chores have to be done to her time frame. She acts very haughty and demanding all day, bossing me around. For some reason I find this incredibly sexy. She also can demand oral s** and I have to provide it whenever she says. She will say sexy things like, "Are both of the bathrooms spotless? Good! You can come over here and take a break ... except for your tongue."

I usually get paddled at least once during the day for not meeting her schedule or her standards for a particular chore. It turns me on to have to take down my pants and underpants and bend over her knee or the couch or bed. I have half an erection the entire day, which gives me the energy to do all of these projects. And I don't mind doing them! There is something about the Princess Day dynamic which makes it easy to do her bidding.

At the end of the day I don't know if she is going to reward me or deny me. I take a shower and get into bed naked and lick her p**** until she o******. Then she either says, "OK. come get your reward," or she tells me that I did not earn the reward and pushes me away and goes to sleep! I will have an erection virtually all night thinking about the Princess Day.

We do these Princess Days usually one Saturday a month, or more often if she has a long enough list of projects and chores. It has dramatically improved our marriage, and might help some other couples out there.

Jul 1, 2021

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  • I love this idea! I’ll be suggesting it to my gf

  • You are a major f#g and I am a woman. I have ZERO respect for men like you. She is NOT worth it when will you pu$$ies realize which women are worthy. Ew. I am g lad i am not with you.

  • Grow some cojones as$hole. This is why I left America little f*gs kissing as$ to narcissistic women. Go fix your man bun. LOser. And buy a headband to wear.

  • I think you both found what you like, so what is wrong with that?
    Enjoy your Princess Day and your both enjoing it.
    It sounds much better than most marriages. You both were able to talk and resolve the problem, most married couples can't even talk to each other.
    I'm happy for the both of you.
    My wife and I talk about everthing and share the work load, as a result we are very close and we do everything together and are not apart from the other one, ever.
    And we like it this way.
    Your on a good path to a great marriage, so go and have fun. It sounds like you both like it.
    Have a Great Wonderful Life!!!!!

  • It seems to me you have grounds for divorce . Your wife is playing you for a sucker .

  • I totally go along with it and enjoy it, so there are no grounds for divorce. Our marriage is better, not worse. And she hasn't tried to dominate me the other 29 or 30 days of the month!

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