nice little scam

i work in a crime lab and i perform dna analysis. what most people don't know about dna evidence is that dna evidence is not as reliable as our society has been lead to believe. dna evidence is so very easily contaminated by what we call "mixture" (other dna source present) and "degradation" (exposure to warmth, sunlight, moisture, etc.) and other factors. it is almost impossible to get a pure sample. first a csi or a nurse collects a dna sample, then it's given to the cops to store, then the cops transport a load of samples to the crime lab, then technician assistants store the samples. by the time the dna sample changes that many hands, somebody at some point has let it get too warm or not stored it properly. and even under perfect conditions, the dna sample will naturally degrade and it usually takes about 6 month for us to get to each sample after we receive it. the problem is that most defense attorneys don't know about how unreliable dna evidence can actually be, especially public defenders, and therefore don't know how to challenge it's validity in court. once the prosecutor says they have dna evidence, most defense attorneys roll over and make a plea deal. pretty nice little scam prosecutors having going, wouldn't you say?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • to the comment above: way to make an ass out of urself

  • That's why I commented below you 😏

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