A woman in a coma becomes pregnant

I used to work in a hospital and there was a woman there who was completely un-conscience . She had been in an accident and was not expected to awaken.

While she was in this state someone raped her. For many months the rapist went unidentified. The parents of the woman and this happens more often than you would think decided they wanted the baby so there was no abortion. When the baby was born via caesarian section the police were waiting to take a DNA sample.

The baby was black. Apparently her rapist was a black man. There was only one suspect and after a DNA examination he was arrested and tried and eventually convicted of rape.

The little girls grandparents are caring for the child.

Believe it or not, this happens way more often than you would think. In fact, I read once where the grandparents had paid a guy to rape their comatose daughter just so that they could have a grandchild. Both the grandparents and the rapist did time.

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  • She is 4 know her p**** is ready

  • It happened to me, I wasn't in a coma, but went to the Hospital with lower stomach pains, gave me pain meds that put me to sleep. The next month I missed my period, my husband has a vasectomy so I wasn't worried. The next month still no period so I got a pregnancy test kit and it showed positive. Besides my husband the only other place i had been was the night in the Hospital, so we knew someone there got me pregnant!

  • Again, sadly, most of society just doesn't get it.. Of course this happens much more than people know of.. The point here is that a man NEEDS a v***** for relief of the enormous physical and emotional pressure that built up s**** forces upon a man's being.. The fact is, masturbation has its limits.. Penetrating a comatose woman's v***** with his P**** for deposit of his s**** causes no harm for either partner. One can only add that perhaps when a man chooses to exercise this option with a comatose woman, he should mitigate the risk of pregnancy by using a rubber..

  • For 5 months, my mother was in a comatose state at home. I used her regularly. She was past child-bearing age, so I used her bareback as I knew I couldn't impregnate her. I was happy when she returned to normal. She wasn't angry or shocked when I confessed how I had been using her, and after some persuation agreed to let me continue using her tight puss.

  • My mother was in that state when I rammed my rod up her. Jerking off inside her was a bonus. I was actually pumping my stuff up her when she returned to normal.

  • You're sick in the head if you think any of that is acceptable. It's called impulse control. Act human, not like a savage.

  • Good god that is disturbing

  • Humanity is a disease. We think we're so intelligent, yet we just can't govern ourselves. There's a theory out there that suggests we're an extraterrestrial science experiment, with Earth being the lab. I'm starting to think there's something to that. This species definitely behaves like the result of a failed experiment.

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