I was married to a stupid freaking white woman for 5 years. For a long time in our relationship she begged and bugged me to have a child with her. I never told her that i had a vasectomy before we had met. I had 3 kids with another woman (black) and did not want anymore. I told her that we did not need kids. I had 3 she had 2. So about 2 years ago she got pregnant and i refused to allow my name on the birth certificate. I told her then i was not the father and my name would not be on it. Well now we are getting a divorce because of me telling her that. I had all i could take of the b******* about it. She went ballistic when we got the DNA today and it was not mine with out a shadow of doubt. Also we got the test results of my sperm count and it came back that i was indeed not fertile. She said she never slept with another man while we were together. And i believe it.
See i got tired of the begging and b******* and pleading everyday and I did something outrages in certain s** play nights. Lets just say it was to stop the b******* about having a baby together after 3 years. Once she got pregnant everything was good until the birth. Now my lawyer is going to accuse her of infidelity. My lawyer told me tonight the state i live in will side for me since i took precautions and true that i was not the father of the child. NO ALIMONY NO CHILD SUPPORT. WHITE WOMEN ARE FREAKING STUPID!!!!! SINGLE AND ON THE PROWL FOR ANOTHER STUPID WHITE WOMAN.

Jul 19, 2021

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  • Of course they’re stupid otherwise they would be with a white man

  • No. Any woman who has felt her p**** being stretched by a BBC will always crave that feeling.

    And there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that huge black c***. Thinking there is no way. Then watching it disappear inside of you.

    Its making me wet just thinking about it

  • Honey she isn’t stupid. She got herself a big black c*** to ride every night.

    That is one smart girl. Nothing feels better in my white p**** than a big black c***.

    My husband is hung for a white man. He is about 8.5 inches. But the girth of a black man can’t be matched.

  • Rats like you are why white people remain racism.

  • I’m not a rat or racist. I simply know that my p**** craves to be filled and nothing fills it better than a BBC. And there is nothing more beautiful than a BBC.

    That is not racist. That is a fact. God created me to enjoy BBC

  • You need to prove that you underwent vasectomy.I am sure you have it.
    I won't generalize and blame all women white or any technicoloured one.
    Be happy that your love for herbackfired on you and you can get out due to thinking right.
    Best luck.

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