I am confused

Well i wish i could pick multiple categories because what is going on in my life feels like that. I started going out with this amazing boy when i was 14 we were literally high school sweethearts, we did everything together.. When i turn 15 i got pregnant with our baby girl, our parents were outraged. We went through a lot of stress and struggled so much during that time; either way we stayed strong and remained together. Time pass, we saw our daughter turn 1 and then 2! We had a lot of complications with both sides of our families. I loved him so much, every time we had to be apart i felt like a part of me was ripping away, like i had no control of my body. We broke up a couple of times, i told him that we needed to be apart to learn how to be our own selves. But honestly i felt like i didn't even know how to be a person without him. I felt incomplete. But something in my heart told me that him and i were not good for each other, like we were toxic and unhealthy for each other. lord knows that when we were good in our relationship then were amazing! But maaaaan when we were not okay then we were horrible!..we had our ups and downs, but damn like our downs were terrible, and that’s what i didn’t like at all... looking at it now we were not old enough and mature enough to heal each other from our f***** up childhood. We end up breaking up for good. I started dating this guy from my job, he was a sweetheart. My ex gave me a lot of trouble throughout the whole relationship i had with this guy. I noticed that this guy remained strong and stuck through my side with no hesitation. I guess that’s what made me get so attached and fall in love with him. But i couldn’t help noticed that when we fought it didn’t feel the same i felt with my ex, i felt like i could overcome this. With my ex i felt like my whole world was falling apart. The love and feelings didn’t feel the same. I am still with this guy, i even married him. I feel like my life is good even though me and him been through some things with my ex, i actually cheated on him with my ex before; he knows though. I have never kept anything secrets from my husband. I am just so confused. My mature grown self tells me to grow old with my husband and live a happy life, but my young and crazy brain tells me to follow my heart and live my fullest life with my ex.


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  • OK first give away the kid. Actually sell it. That will give you some money to dig yourself out of the hole that is your life.

    Then go back to school and during the day learn how to formulate an idea and put it down in sentences and paragraphs.

    At night party and socialise like any sensible kid. Get some social skills.

    Then start to find someone to marry.

  • You’re an idiot. Your ex is obviously s*****

  • I know i just need advice

  • You got it, three comments above. Accept it and thank the person who is smarter and more experienced than you. You might have made a baby, but that doesn't make you grown or mature-- it means your uterus works. So does your a***, should we applaud you for squeezing something out of that too?

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