I like the feeling of walking in parks in short skirts and no panties. When I spot a cute guy sitting on the walk way, I sit on a bench right across from him and let my skirt ride up more than it should. I pretend to read a book and if I see him looking at my legs, I slowly spread my thighs and flash my p**** at him. I like the ones that liger on waiting to see if I spread my self more. I get so wet and h**** thinking he's probably sitting there getting a h******, I spread myself even more. I guess that makes me a s***, but it excites me so much I can't help doing it. What I would really like is the guy fallowing home and sucking me all the way to Disney Land.

Jul 18, 2014

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  • I hope you areunder10, love seeing littleones with nopanties on

  • I like to do the same thing but in shoe stores as they fit my foot I let hem see up my dress or skirt and of course no panties

  • I get too wet when I try this and my juice runs down my legs. I do it with panties on but I have to wear panty liners or I get a big wet patch.

  • Us men love women like you. Thank you!

  • A girl in high school use to do that to me. She would sit in class, hike her skirt up to mid thigh and spread her legs for me. She did it intentionally to make me get a h******. I knew what color panties she was wearing every day and when I could make out any color, it was because she wasn't wearing any. She eventually seduced me into having s** with her. Got an F in my school report because of her and an F for f****** after school.

  • If you want to flash me that email bgoebel98@hotmail.com

  • I'm like that as well but I show my b**** to young boys like 19 years old
    and liked to be groped that gets me super wet and excited !

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