Strange mother/daughter relationship...

Her daughter is a FREAK! I am dating a nice lady. She is very easy going, we get along well and our dating is nothing serious. She has a 21 year old daughter (Kim). I had met the Kim a couple of times briefly, but recently due to all the Covid crap classes on campus were shut down and she decided to move back in with her mother for a short time.
Before Kim arrived her mother told me she is very independent, outgoing and open. And boy she was right. When they are together they act more like teenage party girls and best friends instead of mother/daughter.
The biggest surprise is that Kim rarely wears clothes at home. She routinely walks around nude. Not that I mind, Kim is attractive with a nice body.
Last night Kim told her mother her boyfriend would be spending the night. About an hour later he arrived. His was introduced as Craig. He barely spoke and Kim quickly rushed him off to the bedroom. At this point I was "VERY CONFUSED". Like I said Kim is a very attractive girl. This guy was a complete nerd. Skinny, glasses, awkward, the poster child for nerd. What and how did she end up with him when she could have any guy she wants???
A few minutes later we turned in for some bedroom fun ourselves. Kim's bedroom is next to ours and the walls are not that thick. As we f***** I could hear Kim and Craig going at it. But as I actually began to listen to them I was even more confused. I heard a** slapping and Kim was very verbal. but the moaning and screaming was coming from Craig?
The next morning both of them walked into the kitchen. Kim sat down at the table and immediately began ordering Craig around, making him get her juice and fix some toast. Craig was just silent and did as he was told. At one point when Craig stood beside the table Kim slapped him on the a**. She said "oops, sorry hope your not too sore". Kim laughed, looked over at us and said "I was pretty h****** him last night". It was at that point the light
bulb clicked in my head. Craig is the cuckold sissy in this relationship and he had been taking a strap-on in the a** all night.
I intend to question her mother a little to see where she learned all her tricks...

Aug 31, 2021

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  • You have an overactive imagination, and a very poor understanding of the pseudo-sexual psychology of this fantasy material. NOTHING you described has anything to do with cuckolding! It actually has a definition, and would require him to just sit there and watch as she did what you described to ANOTHER man! (Or possibly woman, although highly unlikely!)
    What you poorly described was a sub/dom relationship! Another total fantasy here was that description of the “boyfriend” as being a skinny nerd. As if a naturally weak nerdy guy would be sexually gratified by merely tolerating more of the same abuse he’s likely had to put up with for most of his life! Besides, the overwhelming majority of submissive guys are strong, powerful men, be it physically, professionally, or even both. That’s precisely why they seek out domination in the first place. They give orders that everyone have to obey, every minute of every day of their professional, and often personal lives. They crave a break from that life paradigm. They crave a dominatrix to treat them like crap, and order THEM around (as a CHANGE from their lives, not to reinforce what they live every day)!
    Also, a dominant sexual personality would never just walk around in front of anyone she didn’t explicitly trust, naked! That would give you WAY too much control over her, by viewing her nakedness without her permission or control. It’s just not in the psychological profile of a dominant sexual personality. So, you don’t know anything about cuckolds, you know nothing of actual sub/dom relationships… Why don’t you just stick to things you understand, or at least have taken the time to research before writing ridiculous third-rate fiction like this?

  • You’r imagination is very amateurish.

  • I can understand. I married my high school sweetheart and I can remember the exact minute I knew I was in love and she was in charge. We were alone at her parents house. In the kitchen she got on her knees and pulled my pants down. While sucking my d**k she gripped my b**** with one hand and squeezed enough to hurt. With her other hand she reached around and slid a finger in my a**h**e. I exploded immediately! After milking every drop she stood up, giggled and gave me a long kiss. I could taste my own c*m.
    Before we even graduated high school she would sneak into her mothers room, steal her mothers vibrating d**** and f**k me in the a*s with it.
    Over the years she she has kept things interesting. We have a strap on harness with a variety of attachments/sizes. In order to please her I have given other men oral s** and allowed men to f**k my a*s. My wife LOVES to see me in that position.

  • No, you don’t understand it at all. In fact, you are most likely the guy who wrote the OP! The OP doesn’t understand sub/dom either, or even know what a cuckold is! As for you… First you claim that “she was in charge” then immediately described a sexual act, which while being an example of S&M (S*****, who gives pain & M******** who wants pain), is most definitely not the same thing as a Submission & Domination relationship, not for one second! But given your main thesis is that you knew “you loved her and she was in charge”, how the heII could you have “ALLOWED men to f**k [you] in the a$$”? Do you allow your boss to park in his/her parking space? Do you allow the police to pull you over when you have been caught speeding? NO! Your boss parks wherever the fvck he/she wants, and if the police catch you speeding, you have no say in whether you get pulled over, and no say in whether you get a ticket, or a warning, or even arrested! THAT is what submission is! So if your wife was really in charge, SHE would have decided whether or not to ALLOW you to get fvcked in the a$$, as well as deciding who can fvck you! That’s what IN CHARGE means… SHE makes the DECISIONS, and if you were really a Sub, you’d know that! Subs have little to no choice regarding s**! (Except, for the right to not participate, and leave!) Other than that, you would have to continue to have your wife fvck who she wants, when she wants, and where she wants! While you, on the other hand would be allowed to fvck your wife only when and if she allows it. She could also allow you to take a d*** in the a$$, but she either chooses the men, or she allows men you choose to put their dlcks in HER property, (meaning your a$$hole) That is what a DOM does… They dominate! While a sub SUBMITS to the DOM’s authority! If you are going to insist on making shlt up, at least take the time to understand what you are going to write about FFS!

  • Some men are born sissy. Some become later.

  • Yep! Then there are cowards like this OP, who desperately want to be a sissy, but don’t have the baIIs, so they just MAKE SHlT UP! In some sad, pathetic attempt to momentarily live out their fantasies!

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