I want to send all Chinese to concentration camps

Chinese are sending Uyghurs to concentration camps while immigrating here from China themselves. This blatant double-standard unsymmetric war is costing us dearly and is working towards their interest. They've been sending agents here to steal our intellectual properties for decades, and now they would even go as far as using biological warfare against us, sending infected agents disguised as international students here to spread the plague deliberately.
We should send the Chinese to concentration camps in return as a deterrence. This unsymmetrical biological warfare has cost us dearly. With covid cases spiking again in the United States, we have already lost more than 0.62 million lives in this war, twice the losses of our troops and civilians in ww2, and 20% more than the deaths of the civil war, both sides combined!
We have faced similar difficulties before. We've sent the Japanese to concentration camps before they could inflict much damage to us, and we can do it again! This biological warfare has cost us more than 250 times the lives, 2,000 times the time, and 400,000 times the economic losses of Pearl Harbor, and the government turned a deaf ear to it. It's time to end this insanity.
Round the Chinese in the United States up before they do more harm to our beautiful nation! We should stop the pests from spreading disease and ruining our liberty and democracy from the tyrannical communists and save our homes!

Sep 30

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