Husband wants to watch me with others

My husband has told me he would like me to have s** with others. He wants to watch me with other men. The thought makes me ill. I told him no . I'm trying to understand his desire. It's not going to happen. It makes me feel like I'm not enough for him. I'm his wife not property. I would never want to see him with another woman. He said I would have his permission to pick out whoever I wanted. He even suggested I may want to try a black lover. Not my thing . Nor would I want to be shared with anybody . He keeps asking me why not. He doesn't get it. I told him if I wanted to live like this I would have stayed single . Even then I didn't not sleep with a bunch of guys . Besides my husband I have only been with two others . He was with more women. I told him I didn't want to know about them . He wanted to know in great detail about my past lovers . Including the size of their man parts . I think he sees me as a s*** the way he talks and wants to know about my sexual experiences. He's driving me crazy. That's all he wants to talk about. I suggested we get help . Professional help . Is this very common? We been married for just over a year . This came out of nowhere.

Oct 16

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  • If you don't like please don't do. But before saying no please note that we have only one life to live. You can try, its my suggestion. Choose a man of your dream.
    God bless you.

  • My wife has s** with other men while I watch & encourage her (Julie my wife), to be his W----e & encourage him to use his B---h in anyway he likes. Yes you need to play with other men while your husband watches. For correspondence & pics of my wife Julie please email us at Her hubby R.

  • Saw @texasvixen on Insta and Onlyfans.

    Is that your wife Julie. Holy Cow!!

  • I've been with my husband for 25 years, he started talking to me about having s** with other men within a year after we got together but I felt the same way as you do. I finally gave in 3 years later & had 3-some with a nice guy we met while on vacation, I decided I was not going to give up the man I loved because I was afraid to try something out of the ordinary. My nerves settled down quickly when the o****** started ripping through me from being pleasured by both men at the same time.

    It has been over 20 years since that first 3-some and I've never passed up a chance to get pleasured by multiple men at the same time since then. We have had an extremely happy & loving life together and we are both hoping for many more years of 3-some & gang-bang fun times!

    Our "Lifestyles" rules have never changed: We never play without our partner, we only play out of town and never with people we know, and we never play with any one guy long term (no emotional involvement, it's just about good s**). By the way, my hubby is a straight Alpha male & he is always in control of the situation and makes sure our rules are followed at all times and that the focus of all the men present is to give me as many o****** as they can!

    I highly recommend trying it once before giving up on your marriage, you may end up enjoying it as much as I do. Get on "Doublelist" website & find a nice black gent with a BBC and I promise you'll have more o****** than ever imagined possible, it will probably lead you to a lifetime of great sexual fun!

  • My husband and I have been married 15 years and after about 8 years we also discussed it. He wanted to watch another man with me but I didn't want it. We ended up doing it one night with a friend of his after a couple of drinks. Best night of my life. We do it a few times a year. Nothing like a threesome.

  • I fully agree. But it’s even better watching your husband with another woman.

    If your hubby is like mine he refuses to be rough with me and when we are together we “make love”. When he is with another woman he “f**** her brains out”. He is hung and there is nothing hotter than watching him pound a petite woman.

    It’s a bonus when I am able to make the other woman o***** as I “lick up the mess”. If that happens my hubby goes wild and starts pounding me from behind!

    There is nothing better than watching your husband drive another woman wild. Knowing you “own” that c***.

  • Try it. It’s addictive and empowering. Suck some c**** and get it done.

  • We as a couple are dealing with the same issue lol! Men! Lol!

    I want to share a quote from a book I am currently reading Human Reality PDF by Pearl Publishing:

    The feelings …sexual desire do not make us happy.

    They are a physical irritant to our overall balance…

    We do not understand where these feelings come from or how to eliminate them, except by acting upon them with our physical body.

    We can, however, control these feelings by using the power of our free will.

    But the fact that they arise in our bodies and offset our balance of happiness, without our willing consent, causes us frustration...

    Satisfying these urges could lead to consequences that we did not initially desire as part of the expected experience.

    Sexual desires arise naturally and do not have to be “willed” by us.

    Most people … are given a set of moral guidelines concerning s** and how to control these unwilled natural physical sensations.

    Some of us might be taught that we should not l*** after another person who is not our “married partner,” for example.

    Nevertheless, the l*** and desire seem to arise and affect our body whether we like it or not!

    And the physical stimulus is not so much what bothers us, but rather more often, it is our inability to conform to the moral guidelines instilled in us (and therefore our inability to immediately satisfy the sexual urge) that causes us the greatest frustration and concern.

    There’s much more the book explains, and as a couple, it is helping us understand our individual frustrations, similar to why I crave sweets so much sometimes and is affecting my weight…

  • He's simply not an alpha male. Beta b****** never feel strong, or competent enough to hang on to a lover. Tell him to be a f****** man, and not a sissy wimp p****

  • It’s very common. If he is asking you, I don’t believe he sees “as his property”. It’s likely he has a submissive side and actually wants to be your property if anything. It’s also likely the idea of you getting as much sexual satisfaction as you want turns him on. He is looking at this like a gift.

    That being said, it doesn’t work if everyone isn’t on board. Talking to a counselor would be beneficial. In addition, maybe ask him to tell you why as you don’t understand. Just a calm rational discussion without judgement. If you already seem against it, he won’t fully open up

  • It’s not uncommon but it usually takes a few years to come out. I have been married for 25 years and it did not come to the surface for us until our 10th anniversary. We were with my best friend by the pool and we were all a little drunk. Next thing I knew my husband was pounding her and I was so aroused I stood there watching as I fingered myself. When he was done I went down on my fiend and we have been enjoying each other for 15 years now.

    During the pandemic we have expanded our partner selection. I love watching him with others. I actually find it more arousing when we have a partner than when we are alone.

    I only wish he would be interested in adding a male partner. I have not had DP since college and it was amazing. I’d love to see him clean off the other man’s c*** and lick my kitty clean the way I do when he makes a deposit

    You are a lucky lady. Take advantage of the opportunity

  • It's actually extremely common, and for many different reasons. For some, it is about power and control, for others, they like the feeling if it makes them feel inferior, for others, like me, I like my wife receiving all the pleasure possible. Finding the right person can be the problem, but when you do and you both like him, it can be just a fun experience. Probably something less than half of our own experiences have been good, we have learned to make good friends first before giving them an invitation. Strangers have always been the less than good times.

  • Could it also be if the husband is wanting wife to have extramarital activities then, by extension, it would allow the husband to have or continue extramarital affairs with less guilt?

  • No. It’s not about extramarital affairs

    It’s about watching your spouse’s pleasure and watching the pleasure your spouse gives others

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