My wife told me the truth

My wife and I met in high school . She was 16 and I was 18. After dating for about 4 months I new I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. So one day I told her I wanted to give her a baby. She was 17 . She didn't need time to think about it. She said okay right then. It didn't take long to get her pregnant . I told her that I would marry her. She said that even if I changed my mind she was still going to have the baby with or without me.

We've been together many years now and have more children. Recently I asked her why did she say yes to me giving her a baby so fast. She told me that it wasn't because she loved me. It was out of guilt . Her first boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and she got an abortion . She told me had the guy she was seeing right before me had said what I did . She would have agreed also.

I'm not hurt by her revelation. Just glad it was me who made the offer. I took her away from her second boyfriend . He claimed his love for her . Had he the guts to do what I did he might be with her now instead of me. When I see something I want I go get it . I make my move. He pined for her afterwards. She was my wife at 18 and now these 25 years hence.

Oct 18

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  • Was she the first girl that you had s** with? How many guys f***** her before you?

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