After Prom with the assistant principal

This is my first post. I had previously read someone’s prom confession and I had a similar experience......26yrs ago….
After some thought, I decided to post my confession.

Long story but my at my senior prom, my boyfriend/date, the only guy I'd been with, got in a fight and the cops came. They took my boyfriend and other’s involved home.
BTW: He's my husband now and as far as I know, not aware this happened.

Mr. A was the assistant principal/football coach. He mid-40s and sexy as h***. He was very fit and would wear tight shorts that left nothing to the imagination and was the main conversation in the girls locker room. That year he'd just went through a bad divorce. His wife was cheating.

After prom ended, I didn't want to go to my friend’s party. Instead of calling my parents, Mr. A offered to take me home. 
Well, we kinda stopped at his place first. 
I don't want anyone to think bad of Mr. A because I initiated what happened next.
Ok, it was my senior prom and I was very h**** and I'll say it, what girl want's to look back and say they DID NOT have s** on prom night? 
Mr. A was a little reluctant but after I started giving him road head, I could tell his car wasn't heading to my house. I’ll also add that I just confirmed the all the locker room rumors! Mr. A was thick and well-hung! It was a struggle to deep throat! 
We got to his place and he gave me the longest and best sexual experience I’d ever had up to that point! My goodness, he made me gush numerous times and kept me on the edge of a climax for so long! We did numerous positions I’d never tried before.
It was the first in my life, I had a climax that made my entire body shiver and go numb!! I was so embarrassed when it was over. The bed sheets were soaking wet because of me. 

We were both covered with sweat and exhausted. I was laying on his chest and could tell he was a little nervous about what just happened. I spoke the first words and I assured him no one will ever find out. Actually my first words were “THANK YOU! That was the best s** I’ve ever had!” lol. Then I told him I will not tell anyone.
Looking back, he could have gotten in big trouble.

I’m also glad things were not awkward between us the last days of the school year. 
It’s twenty-six years later and I still have no regrets for my actions.

Sorry, I have one regret, I wish I'd hooked up with Mr. A a few more times.

Oct 31

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  • You should look him up and do it again

  • Cherish this sweet memory. Keep with you only.

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