Girlfriend getting fat

My girlfriend has gained about 40 lbs since we started dating. She was a model before we dated and had to stay very thin. Shes 5’8” so she hasn’t gotten huge but she has outgrown a lot of her clothes and when she’s naked you can see how flabby she’s gotten. She makes half hearted attempts to diet and exercise but they don’t last. The crazy thing is I f****** love it. I love hearing about her clothes getting tight. I love her flabby arms and the rolls on her belly. The cellulite on her thighs as they have gotten flabby is amazing too. I want her to keep gaining. She loves chocolate cake so I have been getting 1 at the grocery store every couple days. She eats a slice a day which is an extra 400 calories per day. When she pretends she’s going to work out I always have a different activity for us to do and since she has no willpower she just gives in and skips her workout. I’m excited to see how fat she gets. With the holidays coming I hope she puts on 10 more lbs. before 2022!

Dec 2

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  • You're lucky. Keep encouraging her to keep eating all of the good things she likes, and do things together that don't burn many calories, like having drinks while watching the sunset, of something.

  • Sounds like she’s in to it. Just be careful health wise!

    I’m in the same boat… hoping my wife will slowly gain a little. Flab is the best!

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