My mother the police officer at a one police officer station

Last Friday night my mother had her first shift as a police officer at a one member police station and at about 6pm I bought her some dinner and she said it's very very quiet tonight with not much happening and so I asked her if the station had police holding cells/jail cells and she said yes of course it does and so I immediately asked her if I could spend time in one of them and she said I will need to formally interview you , charge you and process you before I can put you into one of the cells here at the police station and I replied well let's get started then and she said ok let's go to the interview room and get started with officially interviewing you and after about an hour long interview she very quickly charged me and processed me and suddenly she said ok hands behind your back for me and with that she got out her handcuffs and put them on my wrists and led me to the cells and she took the handcuffs off and said step into the cell for me and as soon as I did she closed the cell door behind me and went back out into the station to get on with the rest of her shift the next morning she came to my cell door and gave me suite for court where she very quickly applied to have me held in custody and the court magistrate granted her request

Sep 6, 2021

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  • At that point my mental health was completely destroyed even though my relationship with my son was strong. I believe that once you've been a certain level of depressed, you don't come all they way back. I'm not even sure what 100% of me IS anymore, because it is so long since I've been normal and myself. My deterioration has been sped up by the COVID stuff. Now I don't leave my basement much and rarely leave the house. I had a falling out with my psychiatrist and got off my meds, which is good but means I'm back to hitting some very low lows, if you know what I mean, which is why I'm here typing this at 3 am.

    Lately though I'm not getting along with my son as much anymore. He sometimes runs off if I come into the room or otherwise acts weird. I think at age 6 he's noticed that dad isn't like other adults. That, or my in-laws, who live two doors down from me, have either directly or indirectly been telling him things. I'm not sure about that, but I believe it might be true.

    To give you an idea of what they're like, both my mother in law and father in law have planted weeds in my front yard. Hard to believe but my wife told me they were doing it, to "catch rainwater"

  • Olen ka kunagi 1,5.aastat vangis olnud. Aasta möödudes sai ema mind külastada. Olime kolm päeva külaliste kambris ja siis keppisin esimest korda oma ema kes oli 54.aastane.Kulus veel pool aastat kui vabaks sain, siis elasin emaga nagu mees ja naine ning keppisime kuus aastat enne kui naise võtsin.

  • Operation seven goop the a****** is puckered

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