Just say "NO" already

So, sexual assaults are all the rage to complain about right now. Powerful men (sometimes women too) are using their positions to influence impressionable women (sometimes men too) to participate in sexual acts. Yup, it's a problem, but not as bad as you think. Sexuality is just another thing that you sell, like your mind, body, enthusiasm, etc. It's just another commodity to be used for employment. There is nothing sacred about your body or sexuality unless you make is so. And if you do, please, for love of all that is holy, say "NO" if you don't want to do it. Doing nothing makes it way too easy for people to see your inactivity as a form of tacit consent. After you've done that then you need to live with the fact that your sexual self control is more important than the job you didn't get. Life isn't about getting everything you want and the world being inclusive to you. It's about trade-offs. Just grow the testicular fortitude to be honest with what you are willing to "sell" in order to get what you want.

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  • This clown needs serious help regarding fundamentals. Their sweeping generalizations hold little credibility with nothing to support them. Ones sexuality is not a 'thing' ; it's an expression of ones self. As such, one doesn't have to or even offer to employ it as barter for anything.

    Then they try to make a ridiculous claim regarding misuse of sacred ; look, one cannot declare or proclaim themselves sacrosanct or too valuable & thus untouchable. They need to learn that one cannot simply make or force circumstances. THAT is why "NO" doesn't always have strength to it regarding mating & sexual situations. The women's movement in a way did society a favor with its push for parity. Now, they are 'one o' the [proverbial] boys.' The parity they achieved thankfully stripped away the foolish [and proverbial] "reverence" their body used to have. They actually altered the playing field to a man's advantage & lost any respect they may have had in the process.

    Additionally, they need to learn that if they are addressing females in their posting, the female cannot possibly attain any testicular fortitude due to their lack of testes. More foolish misuse of vocabulary. As you were....

  • Some people are very clear when they say no. The problem is when that is ignored.

  • You are correct. When someone says no and the other person forces themself on you, that is rape. The problem is with those people who said yes and now claim they were victims. Those people overshadow the real victims and make this whole movement a joke.

  • As do stupid little girls who whine about "desperately" wanting to be raped, especially since you know that if that actually happens, they'll cry victim for even more attention.

    *hard squint at some of the ret@rds on this site

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