Sorry Tarquin

My former job dragged me around the country on a regular basis, on one particular morning still tired I had to drive from West Wales to arrive in London for 7am. After completing my job at 1300hrs, feeling tired I went to a local supermarket to get a sarnie and a coffee before trekking home. Whilst in the shop looking at the sarnies a young lad who was sat in the trolley started pulling faces at me. I smiled and moved on, after all kids are kids. Several minutes later the same child was kicking his mother from inside the trolley and demanding chocolate from his mum. By time I got to the till the mother was in front of me unloading her shopping and leaving the young lad sat in the trolley facing me. More faces being pulled by the kid and a bit more attitude towards his mum. As the trolley got pulled forward by his mum the young lad was level with the sweets they put by the tills. Yep, the kid reached out and grabbed some rolos, his mum saw this and said "Tarquin, we have sweeties at home" then proceeded to put the rolos back. Once more Tarquin picked up the rolos and once more but with a sterner voice his mother put them back. Then Tarquin picked up the rolos again, this time his mum shouted at him and threatened him with a smack if he picks them up again. Tarquin then proceeded to sulk then pull faces at me once more and tried to kick out at me. This is where I need to ask for forgiveness from Tarquin, as I picked up the rolos and placed them on his lap, a few seconds later Tarquin' mum saw the rolos and gave Tarquin a large slap on his wrist resulting in Tarquin crying loudly and trying to point at me whilst blubbering. I paid for my sarnie, coffee and also a pack of rolos which I let Tarquin see on my way out. Whatever possessed me to carry out this horrific act is beyond me and I can only apologise to Tarquin for what I done 12-13 years ago and hope at the age of 17-18 you don't have a fear of rolos.

Dec 31

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  • He was a little s*** then and he still is now. I'm glad you did that. Well done!

  • I'm sure he enjoys his rolos.

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