Friendless 15 year old

My whole life ive never had a big group of friends ive always been a one on one person with pretty much everything. ive had probably 2 solid best friends throughout school, im not shy i talk to whoever's around i can start conversations with strangers, people even say "you talk to me like youve known me forever" but i cant hang out with other teenagers for long they don't necessarily annoy me but there all so negative and i feel there anixety and instability, i feel like they haven't figured out who they are so they try to design a personality they think people will find entertaining but it doesnt work. all through highschool after school id go hang out with my 60 year old aunt doing errands, or be working at the gas station talking to customers an coworkers. thats my social life. my mom trys to push me to hang with the groups my stepsisters bring home and ill sit out there with them but all they do is ** about people and take too many bong rips cause there scared to look like they have "baby lungs" they cant have an intelligent conversation. i feel like im fine but my mom says im wasting my teen years an "its ok to get ** up with some other kids once in a while" is there something wrong with me that i could really care less about missing out on that😂

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