She would stare and let me be me

My mother in law was always fun, tell me about her “crazy” days and listen to my cry’s. She would tell me how she would be high as a kite back in the 70’s abs 80’s and allow me to ** off in front of her when she was floating on Ambien ( a sleeping pill ).

She was reserved while sober but intoxicated she was intoxicating. She would invite me to ** her and would watch me handle myself. She would ask me to bring more alcohol to her house after she was drunk and she and her out of state family would finish it all.

One time her cousin was passed out, naked, sprawled out in the second bedroom she and I looked at her and said she can’t hold her liquor.

Meanwhile I was staggering to close the door and my mother in law was ** closing the door. I didn’t notice her breast until the door was closed and we were literally so close we were touching.

My mother in law it’s my height 6 foot. I remember having a ** but to be honest drunk wood probably isn’t impressive.

Nothing happened and I woke up the next day laying in bed with my wife. Her daughter is absolutely beautiful but lacks a ** drive. Huge **, like her mom DDD’s and curves that would stump a race car driver. I got lucky and unlucky. I’m very active sexually but my wife isn’t. My mother in law on the other hand is and she showed me at the next family get together

Next Confession

I love dressing up slutty and picking men up

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  • Back when my wife and I were dating, I sometimes stayed the night in their spare bedroom. My fiance and I were at the petting stage, no farther.
    One night I was in bed, the door came open that there stood her mother in a housecoat, the belt was not tied, and it was hanging open a couple of inches. I could see a mass of black pubic hair and the insides of both **. She came over and stood by the bed, asked me if I was comfortable, I told her I was fine.
    She asked me if Sharon, her daughter, had relieved me, I was unsure of what she meant. Then she reached down and tugged the covers aside, said, "Just relax and let me make you feel better."

    She then gave me what was up until them the very best ** of my young life. She encouraged me to play with the **, so I did. When I began to **, she leaned over and sucked me into her mouth and swallowed it all.
    She did that many times until my wife and I got married, then it all stopped. She would let me ** ** her, but never for real.

    GOOD Mother in law, she kept her daughter pure until our wedding night, interesting, my wife knows all about it and did not get upset.

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