30 years in the making

30 years ago last weekend my husband and I met in a bit of an unconventional way, My cousin who is 3 months older than I called me up and we went out walking around town, It was a small community and here wasn't much to do, We were walking down a street when a mini van pulled up, Two guys started chatting us up and said they were from a near by town and had just gone out cruising, They told us hey had some beers and asked if we wanted to go cruising, We did and ended up at a local lake and had a few beers each and ended up fooling around.
Ok, Fooling around is an understatement, Me and one guy were in the rear seat and my cousin and the other guy were in the middle row, We were groping and they were trying to get our clothes off which eventually happened, At 16 my cousin and I were very similarly built with one large difference and to this day that difference is still very apparent. We were slim, Brunette, Both around 5 feet tall but...I hadn't yet developed what would turn out to be a disappointing chest I had been waiting for but my cousin had started at 14 and rapidly gotten a quite large pair of impressive b****, I have had 3 kids and she has had none so hers are still pretty impressive and mine...Well lets not discuss mine.
Anyway I was down to my thong and I assume she was about the same, I had my first ever c*** in my hand and could hear she was sucking his which was also her first, A litle bit of that and then the guy I was with laid me back, Peeled off my thong and I could see the guy in the seat ahead of us doing the same and then my cousins thong came flying over the seat into the back causing some laughter, There was a lot of moaning and whispering and then the guy I was with got on top of me and slid his d*** in me, the guy with my cousin looked over the seat and then I could hear my cousin moan "Ooohhh shiiit yessss".
What a romantic evening (Sarcasm), The van was rocking and my cousin and I were having our first time together parked by a lake...Jeepers...Anyway the two guys were looking back and forth and when the one I was with looked over the seat the first time he stopped and said "Holy s***", I knew exactly what h was talking about because I had seen them many times through thier entire growth spurt. My partner sat up and moved me so I was riding then shuffled over to the window and the guy my cousin was with stood up, Grabbed her hand and led her to our seat, sat down and she got on him.
Everyone was watching everyone, Probably mostly waching my cousins b**** but whatever and then the guy she was with reached over and touched mine, Ok, Mine...Well, what can I say about mine at the time, I couldn't have passed a pencil test, I didn't even have a reason to wear a bra except to hide my nips, Basically I was flat chested with big, puffy nips, I knew that they were not impressive and I knew they were not what guys liked but I was in a situation where it didn't seem to matter much.
More groping and riding and then some switching and I was on my knees, My guys butt pressed up against the window on one side, My cousin on her back and her guys butt up against the window on the other side, I knew what they wanted and I wasn't going for it, My cousin was a bit more willing to oblige and did play with my nips which had from the cool air and well...Being h**** had gotten hard, When they got hard they got long, I couldn't have nips that looked great hard and got small and erect, No, they wrinkled up, Got long and uncomfortable to have them played with but, She rolled them and pinched them and pulled them until I finally pushed for a different position.
When we started switching positions the guys swapped, I was like (Oh crap) but before I had time to think about my situation me and my cousin were laid back and having s** with the other guys. There was a few more switches and back and forth and then the guy I had originally started with had my cousin bent over and she came, She told him to wait a second and she needed to catch her breath, I was laying back on the rear seat and they were in the middle row and he just stepped to my seat, Put one knee on one side of my head and leaned in and slid his d*** in my mouth, I was starting to come and it was just already happening and I didn't really suck it much because I was busy moaning as I came and then both guys finished on my chest right away like while I was in mid o*****.
We all got dressed and whatever and then went for a walk, It was about midnight or so and I was back with my origianl guy and my cousin with hers, We could see them from where we were and they started having s** so we did too and then met back at the van. They dropped us off but got my cousins number, We met them again a couple weeks later and had a hookup session quite similar then everyone had everyones number and both came to my house one night my parents were out and my cousin was away and I know for sure there was one time at least they both went to her place.
The guy she was originally with, Like the first part of the first night ended up hanging around with me more and vice versa and then it turned into dating and eventually we both married them.
My husband and I had 3 kids and they had none for various reasons and life carried on, Many slightly awkward situations etc. over the years all directly related to the first year or so of our relationships but...It all sort of worked itself out and we all hang out weekly if not daily, The guys are still best friends and my cousin and I have never drifted apart even though our lives took different paths. so now...Back to the start of this confession, Last weekend was 30 years since the weekend we all met, My kids are in their 20's and we all decided to take a trip together. We booked adjoining rooms and spent the entire weekend back and forth between rooms, I don't think anyone wore a stitch of clothing unless we left the room and it was just great, A truly liberating experience and so much fun, Yes I said fun. We havent seen my cousin in less than a bikini in many years but all she has done is filled out in all the right places a little bit and looks amazing which we already knew and me...Well...I am still built the same but my b**** finally grew...A bit, Still only a B cup and they are the part of me I am most self conscious about but...Everyone seemed to enjoy them, I am sure this will lead to more...Gatherings of this sort and I am totally on board with that.

Jan 19

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