Living with a ** wife

My wife (Terri) is a total **. We have been married 4 years and I knew about her open sexuality going into the marriage. It definitely has its benefits. Terri will do anything I want sexually. Any fantasy or kink no matter how extreme, she is up for it. The embarrassment come when Terri decides she wants some unplanned or spur of the moment fun.
During our 4 years of marriage she has ran off a few times. From a few days to a week. Something as simple as meeting a hot guy at the mall or a bar and going home with him for a few days. She even met a guy online and went on a week long cruise with him. Terri always returns of course. Tells me about her adventure and makes it up to me.
Terri ** most of my friends before we got married. Unfortunately she hasn't quite stopped. It is a blow to your ego to see your wife ** someone you know right in front of you.
A few months ago I got an unexpected raise and promotion. I was a little full of myself until I learned that Terri was ** my boss. She actually thought I would be happy about it.

Jan 28, 2022

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  • My 1st marriage broke up because she cheated. I was young and couldn't handle it.
    Then my 2nd wife, a 19 year old overly sexed redhead, did the same thing. I forced myself to try and go along with it, but she was insane about it, she wanted to try every guy she ever met.
    We finally broke up.
    My current wife, I decided it would be no sneaking, I told her if she ever wanted to take on a lover, she had to bring them home and do it in front of me. For nearly 20 years, nothing, then one afternoon, she told me we would have a house guest. I asked who, surprised, it turned out to be some fellow she met at work that she really liked.
    So, I sat and watched as they did it on the couch, I could tell he was no bigger than me and nowhere near as accomplished, of course, after 20 years, I know what she likes.
    It was OK, since then, nothing more. That was four years ago.

  • She must be very hot and youare a lucky dude. What's her IG handle? Does she know you posted here?

  • Yes, she will see it later today.

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