I'm the Baby of the Family (AMA)

My mom is 40 and I'm breastfeeding at 13. I'm the youngest kid of three. My mom says she's okay with it, so I'm fine with it too. It's no big deal. She says it's more healthy for kids to drink breast milk.
I breastfeed 2-3 times a day. This means if I
I want milk I can come to her and ask politely for some nourishment. She'll take my shirt off and let me have at it. If she's too busy to breastfeed me, she'll just point me to the bottled breast milk in the fridge.

My Mom is hesitant for me to grow up because I'm the youngest and her favorite boy. As you probably guessed, I'm a lot like my mom. We both share a lot of options: favorite movies, tv shows, music, etc.
I'll be honest, I still use a pacifier and wear diapers for bed wetting. It's mostly only at night or when I'm taking a nap. My mom is worried that the pacifier might mess up my teeth, but nothing bad has happened yet. I would say it's a replacement when I can't have her b****. Kind of connecting to the same reasons as for my long breastfeeding. I got badly ill at some of the worst points of childhood, I got pampered personality by my mom. Potty training took longer than expected.

My mom says she'll feed me until I want to stop. She's ready to stop when I am. It's just been a part of my life so long. I can't imagine my life without those moments. It's calming. It's relaxing.
Before you guys write something nasty, please don't. I know other people will have better questions, so ask away. I'm 13 and I'm still breastfeeding You can call me, the baby of the family. I say this is an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Feb 2

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  • I breast fed until I was six, then my mom weaned me, I really threw a fit, so much so I remember it to this day.

  • LOL. Do you ever think about trying it again on the next girlfriend for get? She might say no.

  • I was hoping for this to be more of an AMA. No questions have been asked.

  • In the unlikely event that this story is real... Grow the f*** up!

  • Why do you think I'm writing this?! I've come to realize I need to grow up.

  • You didn't think I'm aware of that by now?!

  • This was hard for me to write.

  • This was hard for me to write. I'm just venting about my life.

  • This was hard for me to Read!

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