Bad business trip

My boss drugged me last week and something happened. Up till now I thought I had a dream job. Personal assistant to a VP of a major company. I get to travel all over the world, wined and dined everywhere. Last week we were in a foreign country. At dinner we met two prospective clients and their translator. Dinner went well and the boss ordered a round of drinks as a nightcap.
After the drinks we took a limo back to the hotel. By the time we got there I didn't feel well. Although I only had the one drink I felt very intoxicated. My boss helped me to my room. By the time we got there my legs were rubber and I couldn't stand without help. He planted me on the bed. My muscles were jello and I couldn't move, but still I was conscious but fuzzy. I remember he got on the phone and talked to someone. In a few minutes the three men from dinner walked into the the room. After they talked my boss left.
The men pulled my clothes off and raped me, all three of them. I was violated in every way you could imagine. Sodomized and even sandwiched between two of them as both penetrated me.
I don't know how long it lasted. Finally the men were done. My boss walked back in. They all laughed, shook hands and the three men left. My boss pulled the blanket over me and left. Finally I started feeling my muscles begin to respond to my brain. Slowly my hands, feet and legs recovered. It was about 3am by then. As I started cleaning up in the bathroom I realized none of the men used a condom. I showered and cried until morning.
I know the fact that most rapes go unreported. Being in a foreign country I was terrified. before I could think it through there was a knock at me door at 8:30am. It was my boss. I didn't let him in and through the crack in the door he told me to meet him for breakfast in 30 minutes and to check my direct deposit. I was confused and pulled up my bank account. $5000 had been deposited overnight.
At breakfast my boss acted as if nothing happened. He congratulated me on "closing the account" and my bonus. He wanted to talk about my future with the company and hinted it was possible for me to earn more bonus money.
We are back in the United States now. What should I do?

Feb 5

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  • Your actions up to now have signaled to your boss that you were ok with servicing the clients in exchange for the $5000. If so you are an extraordinary Personal Assistant. If your main reason for giving that signal is that you want more such treatment, it’s just a matter of negotiating your fee. If not, you need to consider the credibility of your story in taking the legal route or involving the boss’s wife. Please continue sharing.

  • First thing ask for a raise. After that, learn how to service the clients without drugs.

  • My wife worked for a large company, at one of their out of town sales meetings, one of their huge buyers (this guy controlled millions in purchases) took a shine to her and made it obvious.
    Then he suggested she and her boss would get the order if she was nice to him.
    For us, it was literally thousands in her share of the commissions, so after talking on the phone, I told her it was up to her.
    She came home and told me all about it, it seems the guy had a kink and only wanted oral s**, and he wanted to give it more than get it.
    She said he licked her for a couple of hours, then wanted a hand finish, so she gave him one. She also told me he only had about three inches, but it sure was hard.

  • Lol. Have you worked out yet that she lied to you? I'm sure they did a LOT more, but that is intentionally difficult to verify, and she knows that. She's telling you 'just enough'. Also, I'm willing to bet that it had nothing to do with whether she got the order or not.

    The fact that she said he had only 3 inches was one lie too far. Nearly impossibly small. People over-explain when they she did to you. Sorry bro. She fvcked him. How did you not work this out?

  • Hahaha, so true. The wife got *stretched* out both holes for sure.

  • What should you do? Stop making up stupid bvllshit stories, that is what you should do. What an utter fabrication.

  • Choose.... self esteem or 💰 money.
    You have a choice. Think twice before you choose.

  • It looks like your boss landed a big account at your expense. Just tell him that the $5,000 dollars was a very small bonus for the price you paid. I know it has already happened and can't be undone, but tell him that if he can't really make it worthwhile for you, that you are going to the authorities. Just know that he can not sue you for slander if you tell the truth. See how he reacts to that. If he's married, just let his wife know what happened to you when in the other country. My strong suggestion would be that you quit that job immediately. Your choice, but those 3 guys f***** you and got all they could from you and your boss set it up.

  • Why use drugs, when normally asking nicely works fine and it's a lot more fun.

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