Spring break disaster

I made a huge mistake during spring break in Daytona last year. My family relations still have not returned to normal.
I was an 18 year old, dumb, high school senior. I was actually a good kid. No drugs, very little drinking and excellent grades.
Myself and three friends spent a week in Daytona during spring break 2021. We took things way too far. A group of boys invited us to a party and a very nice beach house. There had to have been 50 or more people there. Music blaring, dancing, some drugs, and of course a lot of drinking. One guy had a small booth on the deck and was acting as a DJ. I was getting handed drinks from guys every time I turned around and was feeling pretty good. Suddenly the music stopped and the DJ announced it was time for today's "wet t-shirt contest". He introduced a girl as "yesterdays winner and current champ". The DJ started asking someone to step forward as a challenger. My friends started pushing me to do it, and here is why. I am pretty, not conceited, but I have a killer body with a very large set of 38D t***. At the time I was wearing my bikini with jean shorts over my bottoms.
The rum got the best of me and I walked up to the DJ and volunteered. He handed me a t-shirt and said I had 5 minutes to get ready. I looked at the other girl and she had on her t-shirt and bikini bottoms. I could see she was bare under the t-shirt. So I put on the t-shirt and carefully removed my top without putting on a show. Then I slipped off the jean shorts and I was ready. The rules were easy, we dance for one entire song and we each get soaked with 2 buckets of water. Then the crowd votes and the DJ declares a winner. The other girl was no where my chest size so I wasn't worried. But OMG when the first bucket of water hit me I wasn't expecting ICE WATER! I could have hung a set of car keys on my nipples! In the middle of the song the guys brought out the 2nd buckets of water and the other girl surprised my by removing her t-shirt and waving it over her head as she got hit again. The guy with the water held off on my as the crowd cheered for me to go topless. I was so embarrassed but I had went this far, I did it. I took off the t-shirt and took the 2nd bucket of ice water. The crowd went wild and I was sure I had won. Well the other girl apparently wanted this bad so she peeled off her bottoms and went completely nude. As the song ended the crowd tried to get me to go nude but I didn't.
The DJ declared the contest a "tie" and announced there would be a special "sudden death contest". There I was standing topless in front of a crowd of people as the DJ asked for a male volunteer from the crowd and quickly got one. The DJ cleared out a bench and the guys sat down. The DJ announced the contest would now be the "best lap dance" as the music started. The other girl jumped right in and began grinding on the guy. She definitely had a head start being nude and the guys hands were all over her as the crowd went nuts. After some hesitation I got into it. The DJ kept trying to pull my bikini bottoms off and nearly did. The crowd got a few flashes of my bare ass as I tried to be sexy and still keep my bottoms.
In the middle of this the other girl reached over and took the mic out of the DJ's hand. She looked me in the face and said into the mic, "top this". She got down on her knees and invited her guy to pull out his d***. When he did she began sucking him. I stood there in shock. When I looked down at the DJ he already had his d*** out and had a huge smile on his face. The crowd was definitely in favor of me joining in. And seconds later I was on my knees sucking a strangers d*** as the crowd cheered. Once the DJ was properly stiff I leaned in, wrapped my large D's around his d*** and started a t** job. It only took MAYBE a minute before he covered my chest and neck with c**. I stood up and faced the crowd as they went weld with cheers. The DJ grabbed the mic and immediately declared me the winner.
Now the problem. 50 people with cell phones and video. The video of my contest made it home before I did. I have had to live with it for the last year.

Feb 5

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  • Post the video or it didnt happen

  • No girl today under the age of 30 has a "killer" body as you claim. You can't have a killer body when you have spent your entire developing years sitting on your dead ass fingering a cell phone. It's just not possible and that's why so many younger girls to are either obese or they are shapeless skinny fat skanks.

  • Try having the good girl image and doing a couple of p*** movies. Always worried about when they are going to pop up.

  • With phones in todays world doing anything without having strict control of the situation is a dumb move. Trust me I know. While on a beach trip (after graduation) myself and my best friend got a little wild. We met four guys on the beach. Drinking there turned into all of us taking the party to our hotel room.
    The drinking party evolved into a s** party. Not only did we allow all four boys to have s** with us we even had s** with each other for the first time. And yes way too much of it was recorded and ended up online.

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