My aunt knew

I am a 17 year old high school senior. Last summer I spent a month at her house in South Carolina working in her green houses as a summer job. It was hot, dirty, sweaty work. My aunt, her husband and I would take at least two showers a day. With all of the bathroom traffic one day I walked in on her husband. He was standing at the sink, naked, shaving. I quickly backed out screaming "I am so sorry". But I got a glimpse of what looked like a pony's d***! I am not a virgin and have been with a couple of boys, but they they were no where near this size.
Things were awkward for a few days. After that one day me and him were working in one of the green houses. I was wearing a small pair of jean shorts and a cut off t-shirt to try and keep cool. We were both filthy, sweaty and working very close. Our joking led to a kiss. Next thing I know my shorts were on the floor and he bent me over a table right there in the green house. It was so dirty and hot!
I was so embarrassed that evening sitting around the dinner table. I couldn't look my aunt in the face, then she said something that made me choke on my food. She asked me if her husband was "too much" for me to handle? I wanted to crawl under the table and thought she was going to throw me out. Instead she laughed and started going into details about the first time they had s**. He had told her about our hook up and she was ok with it!
Later that evening he asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom and have some fun, right in front of my aunt. She just looked at me and said "go ahead, enjoy yourself". He took me to the bedroom, and this time it wasn't a quickie. We did everything, and took our time. The rest of my stay he f***** me nearly every day and I loved it!

Feb 10

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  • No reason to lie on this venue. Plenty of reason to call the stories lies, like envy, bigotry, etc. No one is forced to read anything here, so be happy or get lost

  • I stayed with my aunt and uncle while in college, there was a young girl that came by about once a week, maybe a couple of years older than me.
    I had the upstairs bedroom, one morning I woke up and looked out as she was leaving.
    So, curious, I spied.
    My aunt and uncle were s******* her, I found out by sneaking outside and peeking in under the curtain which was about an inch too short. I had to stand of a little stool to see in.
    My uncle spotted me, and we had a talk. He said they hired her to come by once a week, my aunt liked women also and that gave him some strange stuff.
    About a week later, my aunt began to give me hand jobs, she just walked in the bathroom as I got out of the shower and helped herself. I got over being bashful real fast.
    The two of them always were on the strange side, he was a California highway patrolman and later on he got kicked off the force for something, I never found out just what. I suspect he was stopping women and trying things.

  • Nice story, quite amusing. If only this was what really happened...

  • Why do people keep making up and posting these obvious bullshit stories?

  • Wow, you sure are lucky. I aint had a guy with a real big d ick yet, an I been F ucking for a few years now.

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