I’ve been forced to be a hucow

My best friend and I where exchanging embarrassing fantasy’s a few weeks ago. She had told me one of her’s, being with another woman sexually. I have been a lesbian for a long time and took it as flattering. Imagining all the possibilities as I have wanted to be with her for quite awhile. Decided to hold back and see where else she would go with it. To my dismay she confessed it would never happen but she would always wonder what it would be like. When it was my turn to share I told her how I’ve always wanted to be a hucow. Treated like livestock essentially and forced to milk. Kind of all that goes into it. I did not tell her that I was already lactating as did not want to go too far into it.
About a week and a half ago I get a call from her telling me she talked to a friend of hers that is also a veterinarian about my fantasy I shared with her. Asking if I would be interested in actually being taken care of as a hucow in every way. I laughed at her thinking she was joking but said sure why not live it out if I have the chance. She then said “Great, your new farm hand will be at your house in the morning to prepare you. She is a close friend of mine and you can trust her. Just do what she says and you will live out your fantasy.” She hung up and I didn’t know what to feel. I texted her and asked her if this was for real, she responded absolutely. I called my office and told them I would not be in for a few days, just taking some personal time and would check in often. I tried to think of what I could possibly be doing this time tomorrow. Where would I be? I didn’t sleep much but at 6 am my friend calls me and tells me the farmer is on the way to pick me up. She promised I would be safe and well taken care of and to just trust the woman that showed up. No names were given just the farmer. I hurried and took a shower and got dressed, fixed my hair and put a little makeup on. I didn’t know what to expect but if someone was picking me up and taking me someplace I wanted to be ready to make an impression. I hear a knock on my door just as I was finishing up, I dash to the door not knowing what to expect. As I open it I see a very pretty woman. Tall, slender build all done up in cowboy boots and tight jeans and a very sexy cowboy hat with a western shirt unbuttoned just enough to show off her beautiful full b******. Stunned I took a step back and then she introduced herself as the farmer here for a pickup of a new cow. A bit embarrassed I looked down at the floor not being able to say anything. She repeated herself and then asked if I was Lexi. I nodded yes still embarrassed but she wasted no time coming in the door and closing it behind her.
She dropped the bag she was carrying and I heard a d*** of some sort, she then used her hand to push up the brim of her hat back as she looked me up and down. “Your kind of a prissy little thing to be a barn animal but we will change that” she said as she motioned for me to spin around with her hand and I did slowly. She started explaining herself, she was doing this as she always wanted a hucow on the ranch as my milk would fetch a high price on market if it was of high quality. She assured me mine would be as that was her plan with proper diet and medications. My face was flush with embarrassment and could not believe this was happening. She then said, “I don’t have all day to be doing this as other animals to tend to as well today. I won’t take any argument from you what so ever! From this point on you will only moo, in pain or pleasure or hungry, only a moo out of you. If I ask you a question it will be in yes or no form. A long moooo for yes and a short one for no. If you forget, no you can’t ask. You better figure it out. Other words will be harshly dealt with if you speak anything else! Do you understand?” I looked at her not knowing what to say, I sheepishly replied with a long Mooo and she smiled. “ Good I’m glad you understand. Now get undressed right here and now we have to get you home!” I froze not able to move. I didn’t know what to do. “What part of that didn’t you understand cow?” Still frozen I just stood there. She slapped me across the face hard and tears started falling down my cheeks from the sting. Now do as your told she yelled. I obeyed and started undressing in the porch right in front of her. When I was naked I shyly stood in front of her. Trying to cover myself as she pushed my hands behind my back and used a rope from her bag to tie them behind me. Next she pulled out a thick leather collar with a bell attached to it from her bag. Affixing it to my neck I could tell it had at least three buckles on it if not more. After getting it tight on my neck she pulled out a heavy chain and attached it to the collar. As she did she noticed my right nipple drip as I remembered I was in such a hurry I forgot to pump my b****** this morning and I was due. She smiled, “Our friend didn’t tell me you were already able to produce?” I looked down at my betraying nipples adding to my embarrassment. She asked me “Anything you need to turn off or anything before we leave? You won’t be back for a bit!” I responded with a short moo and she opened my front door and started to pull me out by the chain. I resisted a little blurting out can I grab some clothes and a coat? It’s cold out and I have neighbors. Realizing what I just said she turned to me and slapped me again. “That cow, was your one and only warning for speaking! Next time will be the cattle prod reminding you. You are a dumb animal now you will not worry about who sees you and how. I’ll parade you down the street like this before loading you up if you don’t do as I tell you!” She tugged at the chain and I followed her to the driveway as she opened the back of her horse trailer and led me in. There was hay on the floor and fresh cow dung mixed with it. She locked the end of the chain to the front of the trailer and left and closed the gate. Before I knew it we were pulling out of the driveway and down the street I have lived most of my adult life. Me naked as a jay bird in the back of a trailer used to haul animals to and from the farm. Right now I am writing this while being in the trailer taken to her farm to be raised like a cow.

Mar 10

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  • I like it 👌. Only thing is you have to work h****** contradiction. She had her hands tied behind her with rope - then she is writing the story in the trailer on the way to the farm. That's a contradiction. No biggie. Just try to be consistent. 😊 That will make for better writing.

  • Part II is submitted. Under the same title with part II added for east to find. Hope you all enjoy and more to come.

  • She looking for more cows?

  • You are off to a wonderful start. Ready for frequent updates.

  • Thank you, am working on part 2 now. Should be out in a few days

  • I am getting very excited about your update

  • Thanks very much!💕

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