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To put it simply I was tricked. I accept full responsibility for my poor judgment. My wife and I had a whirlwind relationship. She came to me with an 18 month old son almost4 years ago. I made it clear I didn't want to be in a relationship that involved baby daddy drama. I was willing to be a father or father figure to this child but the reality of the situation was hidden from me for close to a year. Supposedly the bio dad wanted nothing to do with this kid. He Supposedly had four other children none of which he had been a father to or had fought to see. I'm now involved in a three year legal battle with this guy. About the time I realized there was going to be a big problem she told me she was pregnant. We have had two daughters in two years so now my two girls are impacted by this mess. I know it isn't the ss fault but I resent him and his dad and my wife to some degree as well. I can't stand this kid. He is a brat. His mother feels guilt about his situation and caters to his every whim. I'm made out to be the bad guy. I just want to be away from him but I love my girls more than anything and I'm trying to find a way to cope because I can't imagine not seeing them everyday. The kid isn't bad when my wife isn't around but he is insufferable when she is. He knows I won't put up with his ** so he doesn't act that way when mommy isn't around to intervene. Im aware its not his fault but that doesnt change how i feel. I often feel like a bad person but thst also doesn't change how i feel about him. I'd give anything to get away from the little ** but that would mean only seeing my precious girls half the time. He's small and weak and manipulative just like his father. The daddy is a government ** on disability and on every prescription under the sun. Claims to be a recovering alcoholic but our lawyer uncovered a dui just last year. I'm just here to vent. There's no easy way out or solution but I could kick myself for being so blind. I wanted to believe her so I did. Now my girls are going to inevitably suffer because I can't see this relationship lasting. I hope I can find a way but it's bleak. Ive always wanted kids and to be a dad but I made a mistake on who I did it with. I have so much guilt. It eats me alive. Just here to vent. Thanks.

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  • Time to lay down the law and take control of the place otherwise, they will ruin you

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