Out of control

I'm a 48 year old woman. I'm a conservative Christian. I work for a large company as a manager. I know guys want to know this so I'm 5'5" tall, 126 pounds, brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, 36d-27-34, my husband says I have a 'rock hard round perfect butt. I try to stay in shape.

I don't know what's happening to me. I have always enjoyed sexy and I think my husband enjoys s** with me as well. I am responsive in bed and I give him all of me. Yes guys including my butt. Lately I have discovered the more s** I get the more I need. Having o****** make me hornier then I was befor the last.

My husband enjoyed it for a while but now he's worn out. He makes excuses not to have s** with me because he knows it's going to go all night. The last time we made love the next morning I was so h**** I couldn't stand it. I masturbated and it felt awesome but then I was h**** again.

My confession is that I went to a gym and struck up a conversation with 3 young guys in their late teens or early 20s. They invited me to lunch where we had a few drinks. They called me a MILF. The next thing I know is I was at their apartment and I was passionately kissing one of them as the others undressed me.

One of them told me that they all wanted to f*** me and I just let them. They took turns making me o***** hard and loud. They turned it into a competition of who Could get me to o***** the hardest. They learned fast. The thing was the more I orgasmed the more intense the next one was.

I woke up in their bed at 10:30 that evening. They said I passed out and wanted to know if I was ok. I told them my stomach muscles, back, p**** and butt were sore but otherwise I was fine but I had to go.

They told me that I could come back anytime and gave me their number. I have visited them 8 times now. It alway ends the same. I go home after and have s** with my husband. I need help!

Apr 7

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  • You are a lovely woman. I have high s** drive and my wife has almost given up at 42. I can make love all day and way too sexually playful. You can become mine. I’m in corporate too. Btw.. keep the secret till grace and love your hubby n kids.

  • This is a rather rare but well documented ailment, nymphomania and treatable. My 1st wife had the problem after the gave birth, she only weighed 93 pounds and our son was 8.3 pounds, something happened, hard to understand.
    She was insatiable, she needed s** like it was some kind of drug. She began having s** with anyone and everyone, no stopping her.
    That broke us up. Years later, she came to see me, to apologize, and explained. They put her on some medication I can't pronounce, which seemed to restore her to normal.
    Had I known back then, I would have stayed with her, but of course I had no clue what was wrong.
    We do visit from time to time, share custody of our son, but I remarried and so did she, so other than friends sharing a child, that is it.

  • You don’t need help. You are living every middle aged woman’s dream

    I’m sooo jealous

  • You can see the Doctor. You can continue what you are doing as long as it makes you happy.
    We have only one life to live.

  • You can contact at jerryefree@yahoo.com if your ever h****. Im 50y/o and very fit. If you want we could face time
    Where are you from?

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