I got bully stripped on the first week on a new school. I knew it was normal to put new students through rigger, but it had happed in other school that had gone too. I later found out boys were acting to be nice to me. They ask me if had visited the tunnels of a fortress that was a block away from school and so naive to go with them. There were four girls tagging along with us through the tunnel and ended getting my pants and underwear pulled down. I they did it to embarrassed me in front of those girls. Never felt so naked and humiliated in my whole life. I could have done anything else but lay on the ground holding on to my shirt watching those girls getting turned on looking at my **. I later found out they had done it to two other that kept quite out of embarrassment.

Feb 2

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I want to wear women's **

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  • Similar things happened at my hs. I was getting ready to shower after gym class and a bunch of guys pushed me into the hallway and held the door so I could not get back in the locker room. I was naked and the hallway was crowded

  • Did you get visibly excited?

  • That's sexual assault

  • The same thing almost happened to me. I was being pantsed in front of a younger girl and she would have seen me naked had her older brother not intervened.

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