Going for escorts even with mistress

I have a wife who I have not had s** for 3 years or so at keast but hang on for the sake of my daughter. I have had on and off extra marital relationships in past butfor last 3 years just one mistress with whom i have s** 3-4 times a week...but thats not enough for me .. I stil have to m********* almost every day ...and have escorts once every 6 months or so when i go away on business ...so i can then lick that in memory to boost me whwn i have s** with the mistress...btw even the escorts tend to come when i have s** with them...because my technique is always finger them to climax first and get in while they are haVibg their o***** and give them one more...

When i look back at things; i realize i havealways had sexual feelings about alnost everyone in my life....peeped on num in bathroom couple of times..at least once on my sister.. Cousinsand aunts..many of them i still fantasize at 40... And m*********...i check out every woman i see especially the ass..

So while i continue s******* my mistress at 1000$ maintenance nost a month plus the escorts on and off...(eading a normal looking family life) should i find one more mistress? Or just carry on ? Or find a new one and dump the old one ( not that easy finding long term mistresses; i did have a 3 year dry period in past)

Other option is to confess everything to the mistress and see if she is happyto share me ?

How many of you check out every woman that you see? Almost everone? Or none ? I beed some xounselling i rhink....

Jan 10, 2015

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  • First step, find a woman whose sexual appetites are a match for your own. Then, decide if you want her long term. And finally, choose whether you want her as your wife, or your mistress. I think that if you are going to f*** her as often as you need a f******, it's going to cost too much to keep her as mistress, and you'll be better off marrying her. Just be clear with her: no matter what the nature of the relationship is, she'd better be prepared to be f****** all the time. ALL THE TIME. You have a high s** drive, and if you find a woman who can keep up with you, you're going to want to be married to her, or so it seems to me. My recommendation? Marry a stripper or a prostitute.

  • I'd get a divorce if i were you. Seems like a big part of your sexual needs are coming from the fact that you're not having s** with your wife. Its quite common for men to get in a permanent h**** state once their relationship fails sexually. When my girlfriend lost her libido due to work stress and other factors, even though i still loved her immensly, i suddenly became extremely h**** every day and i couldnt stop fantasizing about basically every woman i met. I never got to the point where i cheated on her, but i could have. Once i became single this urge dissipated over time. I dont know how old your kid is and how wise it is to confront her with a divorce right now but it seems to me you should be a single man ! Good luck

  • You need a dominatrix to force you to abstain totally from s** and give you a decent challenge. Its so much hotter than your primal lack of self control.

  • Just forget it, you're meant to live alone, for settle with anyone because you're causing much more damage staying with those you are suppose to love. Do them a favor and get a divorce.
    Your mistress is taking advantage $$$, be wise with your money, there are cheaper whores.

  • Man,I don't care if u a millionaire or the greatest loser or negotiator on earth;you spending way too mush cash on this mistress.You can get s** 3-4 times a week or more without giving away that much cash.You don't have a mistress,you have a high end prostitute($250 a week) masquerading as a mistress. Why keep her for that long anyway? Find you a different pussie,dump mistress and instead,pay your wife child support(out of the 1000 you giving away free to the mistress) and be a happy free man and keep on getting a variety of women FOR FREE almost. She should be paying you for what you giving her bro! Best of luck.

  • She's not much of a mistress if she's only getting a grand a month, so you're not getting much p****. I pay my mistress about a grand A WEEK on average, plus I pick up the condo rent and car lease, and I buy her nice clothes as well (e.g., a full-length sable coat for Christmas, and a gown for her to wear to a ball: my wife and I attended the same ball, and my mistress walked by us several times and even talked to my wife, but my wife has no clue that this other woman totally owns me). So, you're getting off easy, no pun intended. But let me tell you: the money I pay mine is worth it because this woman is the best f*** in all of history. Don't tell her I said this, but I'd pay twice as much for half the s** with her. Damn!

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