Happy and Fulfilled by True Love

I'm a forty-one y.o. woman and life was not always easy. Relationships come and go, as do tears and frustration, but two years ago I hit the jackpot with a wonderful man. After so many failures I learned to submit and think about my man first. The rewards are how much he thinks about me in return. It's like 10 to 1 and I am happy.

He works hard and I greet him at the door when he returns. I dress the way he likes me. I am groomed and pretty for him (loves that red lipstick!). I'm not a slave girl, I'm a smart and happy girl. He loves me in hosiery so I always wear it. I often surprise him by greeting him on my knees and treating him to the best full-swallow oral a man could dream of. Our s** is vigorous and erotic. His wish is my desire (which fills my desires too). He knows he doesn't have to get bored or look elsewhere.

I could go on and on but my message is simple. By surrendering myself to the man I love, all my needs and desires are met. He in return treats me so well and fulfills my needs in every category. You may think I'm a submissive but there is actually great equity in our house. We simply take care of each other and love has blossomed in our lives. It is simply how we choose to live and we are happy, safe and comfortable.

Feb 2, 2020

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  • Thank you for writing this. I followed this advice from a popular book back in the 1980's and it really worked for me because we're still married and happy. I still dress to please and excite him. I keep a clean house, a pleasant and supportive attitude and a belief in my husband. Our kids are grown, successful and well adjusted. I could go on and on but you get my point. By surrendering I won the battle, I was never depressed, I have time and money to enjoy, I have emotional support, I am happy and safe, etc.

    Now for the naughty part: Although we are both in our sixties he brought home a sheer black nylon, see-thru night gown yesterday. Let's just say our bedtime was a bit extended and we put a few wrinkles in that gown! I am writing this on the morning after with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

  • I agree with you. One mistake struggling couples make is to treat marriage the way they might treat political or financial equity in the workplace. If you are competing too much or calling foul all the time you are going to be unhappy. You sound very happy because now your choices have pushed the uncertainties out of your life. Sure life can be a competitive pursuit of power, but by surrendering a little you are now the most powerful person in your man's life... and he loves you for it! Your example is an excellent instructional book for others.

  • I wish there were more women like you!! Most f****** b****** trade in their p******!! They think they can make men dance by denying access to their c***. They don't know how easy it is for men to find p**** these days!!!
    You go girl!!! F*** your man to your heart's content, till your c*** is sore. You will never regret it!!!!!

  • You are a perceptive and wise woman. People often try to turn relationships into rocket science. It is not! People often try to keep score in relationships. It is not a reciprocity agreement! Those who are truly submissive are truly free and truly loved. Hence the become truly happy.

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