Newly Married,, Found out new wife was the town teams. Now What?

Moved to a small town after graduating with a engineering degree. Did not know anybody. Didn’t take long to make friends and start a new life. I am not a party animal or bar fly. Got involved in the community and met a nice woman or so I thought. Turns out she was the unofficial town tramp. Been married about six months . Every time I took her out some where. People would laugh behind our backs or just roll their eyes. Knowing that I am not the most tough physical looking man and I would probably have the h*** beaten out of me in a fight. I quickly hired a private detective and got the low down. It wasn’t good. I was shocked at first and after that became just plain mad. I spoke with my employer and they are more than happy to give me a overseas assignment to leave here. Looking for advice, both of us are first time married and no children. I am just thinking of packing up and leaving ingognito. Any advice would be appreciated.

Apr 25

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  • She had a life before you got together and so did you. What you chose to do was different so who the f uc k cares you married her because you love her dont be a small di ck as ahole now

  • I think that the problem is that you are living where she grew up not that she f***** a lot while growing up. Go overseas but take her with you. My wife was well used before we met, think all of the football team at parties. I found out when I was visiting her parents in her hometown before I asked her to marry me. I asked her about it and she truthfully told me. I thought about it and decided that I loved her very much and I asked her to marry me. She asked if I was sure since many guys had f***** her and I told her that I was. We have had a great life together for almost fifty years and I don't ever regret marrying her.

  • Dump the who××! Daughters like mother...

  • Make sure you take all of her panties with you as a momento

  • You damn well better take her with you! You are very lucky to have a wife that loves s** and will go the extra mile. In high school I was one of "several" guys that took turns on the school tramp at a party. Yes she had the reputation. A few days later I asked her out and we dated the rest of high school and got married after.

  • Get the f*** outta of there brotha!

  • I love a seasoned woman. Love knowing she was satisfied and enjoyed her body and experiences. It’s your decision. Have you considered discussing it with her?

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