I let my husband's nephew again to have ** again

I was too drunk one night and I don't remember anything, but the next day he tells me that we had **, I didn't realise that it happened because I was very drunk.
Since then he has been very kind and caring to me, he messages and shares everything that happens to him.
Apparently I'm the only one who has got intimate with him.
He suffers from 'Intellectual disability', which means that he is not clever as guys his age, and hence he gets bullied a lot at his college.
Since the day we had ** he has been sharing everything with me, and one day he comes home in tears, I ask him what's wrong, he explains that he was bullied again.
I felt empathetic and gave him a hug, but he misread the hug and kissed me, and I don't do anything.
He reaches for my ** and I don't interrupt him, he spoons me and get's rid of his pants, he then asks for a condom, but I tell him 'it's alright', we had ** for the second time.
I'm not attracted to him, I felt sympathetic towards him.
Now I feel guilty that I did this without my husband knowing.
I also feel guilty because I took away all his innocence and even though he still respects me, he doesn't think me as his uncle's wife.

May 5, 2022

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  • My wife's cousin was an overweight 19 year old when she came to live with us while she went to junior college.
    She had a terrible time fitting in in school, due to her depressed personality she did not make friends well.
    One night at home, my wife was gone, she works for a company that sends her away on trips, she does displays, meets clients, basically an outside sales lady.
    He cousin came home from school, all down in the dumps over having been teased about her weight.
    I consoled her, she seems to perk up, so I hugged her and went to fix dinner while she took a shower.
    She came out in a little baby doll outfit, that would be better suited for the bedroom.
    I could see the shadow of her ** through the top, they were very large and jet black. I guess I kept looking, because she asked me if I liked them. I told her yes, they were very pretty, then she just opened her top and showed them to me.
    It wasn't very long before we were in her bed, and we had marvelous **. Since then, it has been a weekly event while the wife is at work.
    I do know one thing, regular energetic ** sure does wonders for the figure, she has lost about 20 pounds.
    I taught her how to give **, something my wife refuses to do.
    Just last week she went on a date, I know in fairness I can't stand in the way of that. So, now she has experienced ** with someone her own age which is fine.
    In a few months, she moves on to regular college, and her confidence in herself has improved a lot, she will be fine. Sure has been fun though.
    The ** life with my wife even picked up.
    I did ask my wife if she ever had any affairs while she was out of town, she hesitated, blushed and told me no.
    I don't believe that.
    The twists and turns of life sure are strange.

  • You are right. He does not think of you as his Uncle’s wife

    He thinks of you as his beautiful Auntie who is as beautiful and blessed him by showing him what pleasure a man can feel

    You are an awesome Aunt!!

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