Getting crowded

This started several years ago. A good friend who was divorced would come over every Friday night for dinner and we’d watch tv afterwards. I knew he had the hots for my wife for 5 years and even more so after his divorce.
After doing this for a few weeks he stared bringing x rated movies and we’d watch them. Usually MFM, or G********.
My wife would watch a little of the movIe and if she liked it, she’d stay for the whole thing. John would make comments about always wanting to do that. Denise would say, well you’re wasting your time here if that’s what you want.

But on one night, after she didn’t like a movie and left, I went to her in the bedroom. I started kissing on her and groping and we had great s**, with the door wide open.
I went back when we were done and John didn’t say anything.

This started happening every time. One night after I came back, John said, “you know I’ve been watching, right?
Actually I did not know. But I liked it. So I made the s** last longer and longer and always tried to talk her into letting John come in. She always said, No.

John asked if he could bring a buddy over. Denise said ok. When the buddy came, I could tell Denise liked him. We f***** the very first night he was there and every week after that.

When I asked Denise to let the guys come in and watch she said maybe sometime. Not now.
John asked if he could bring another friend. Denise said ok again. We f***** with the door wide open the very first night he showed up. 3 men watching p***, or whatever they wanted while we had s**.

After that, Denise and I wouldn’t even start to watch the movie, we’d just hit the bed and f*** like rabbits. We started in as soon as the first guest arrived and after a few weeks, we found out there 6 men coming over. 3 of them were total strangers to us.

Back when it was just John and Marshall that was there, Denise had told me she went to the bathroom, naked, and caught them watching. She took them to the bathroom and told them not to j******* onto anything and she told them to use condoms.
I just found out from John that she told them she would let them join in (take turns f****** her) but I didn’t want them to.
Now I feel terrible. I don’t know why she said that when I would ask nearly every single time if one or more of them could join us. She has even walked right by everyone of them naked, and talked and kidded around with them, when she went to the bathroom while I was laying in bed waiting for her to return.
John called and told me today that they are all going to come in the room this Friday night and they will all take turns on Denise.
I don’t know whether to tell her in advance or just let it happen.

Jan 16, 2020

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