I have a secret fetish I can't seem to shake

In the eighth grade we had a family move in next door. They were rentals. They had a daughter my age and we walked to bus together and sort of became friends. She was at my house after school, no one was home with us, and she suggested that we see ourselves in the mirror. She put the standup mirror on the floor and took off her panties and squatted over the mirror and pointed out her parts, and holding herself open with two fingers the insides. She forced my panties down and I squatted over the mirror and for the first time really saw what I looked like. She held me open with two fingers and then stuck her finger in my v*****. "I f***** you so now you're my girlfriend".

We had oral s** and she licked my behind, she kissed me on the mouth and she mounted me and forced our c**** together and she humped me with her hips and complained that she didn't have a d***. She started dressing down, and then cut her hair short and she wore clothes from the boy section and started acting like jock boys. At school she told everyone I was her girlfriend and that she 'f*****' me. I got kissed at school and she forced me to hold hands. One day my parents were called into the counselor's office and they asked them if they knew what was going on. I was prohibited from seeing her, and I was changed to a private Christian school and had to attend s** counseling.

After a year she and her family moved again and I stayed in the Christian school through graduation without any other 'incidents' of that nature. I went off to a Baptist college and graduated as an elementary teacher. All things pointed in the right direction, but I didn't have a boyfriend. I had friends, but no boyfriend. I wasn't interested.

I went with some friends after graduation to a beach week and I met a woman there who ran the local pizza parlor. She was in her thirties, tough as nails, very tanned, wore male looking clothes and she called me 'sweetie'. When she served us the pizza at our table she put her hand on my shoulder and told me I was sweet enough to kiss. She gave me a piece of paper with a phone number and the time she got off. Trembling in the bathroom I called her and agreed to meet her at the dock where the tourist stores were.

She was there, she had bathed and combed her hair, she was taller than I thought, she obviously worked out a lot, she smiled at me and we talked and I told her all about college and stuff and she asked me how I was doing in the girlfriend department. I told her about my one girlfriend in the eighth grade and she took me in her car to the apartment she rented for the summer.

She stripped quickly and stood naked, she asked me to strip too. She was tanned even where you don't expect it, and her thighs and belly were hard she showed me her c*** and told me it was her 'd***'. I sat naked, very white and soft and teachery. She took over and started with oral s** and went on from there. I touched her 'd***' and sucked on it, she touched my bottom hole and licked me, she ground her palm into my c*** and brought me to o*****. Then she kissed me and concentrated on having an o***** herself.

I was back at the beach house we rented before dark and I told my friends I had gone for a walk and got turned around. We didn't go the pizza place again and I didn't answer her calls. We went back for the summer before we started our teaching jobs. I met a guy who worked at the church and he was perfect, a good Christian and we got married and had two children. And my memories faded away, but not completely. Until I met this woman who works for the Post Office, she shave completely and rides a motorcycle and likes 'soft' girls.

May 12

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