Why did I confess

Sometimes secrets are better in a marriage. I am athletic guy and I shave my legs. I admit, I do in fact like the clean look on me, yes, I do think my legs look nice…but I do it because I hate the sweaty hair and how it feels even more.

Shaving comes with consequences, sometimes irritation, ingrown hairs, stubble, etc. but all that is worth it after several months if I care for my skin, and those consequences become moot. During the couple months of getting used to my new routine, I began wearing tights under my pants, not just to the gym. I do this because it soothes any irritation and helps my inner thighs glide across each other. Anyway, they really do work in making my legs feel great. I admit, I like how it feels, how my legs look, and I’m not ashamed, so I told my wife…now she thinks I’m gay! I wish I could just leave and start my life all over again…I probably would but I have children. 😞 I can’t get over the feeling of her loosing respect for me and how she sees me.

What should I do?

May 16

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  • Yeah but as a bi guy who also wears pantyhose, the number of guys who want to play with me and satisfy my urges is incredible. You and I would have lots of fun together.

  • No we probably wouldn’t. Even tho I like the look and feel of pantyhose on me…Im the only guy that I love to see a guys legs wrapped up in nylons. I’m sexy AF. But a women in pantyhose, I’m getting hard. I bet you’d like to see.

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