The folly of prayer and religion itself

Believers are used to being told they have no evidence for their God and they seem to think common sense and reason are bad things. They eschew science but just for a moment lets compare the comforts provided by religion versus the comforts provided by science.

I wonder how many people died before the discovery of antibiotics? How many people starved to death before the invention of modern farming methods? God is not responsible for either of those things.

God doesn't provide any creature comforts because some women in a garden ate a fruit she was told not to eat. Not even Adam and Eve had it as good as modern humans who live in well heated and air conditioned homes. They were allegedly immortal until the fruit eating incident but who wants to walk around stark bucko naked with nothing to do but f*** and eat?

Gods gifts are conditional in that ou have to be part of the right religion even though God never tell anyone what the exact religion is supposed to be.

This kind just loving god apparently intends to toss the overwhelming amount of humans into a fire pit. Similar to tossing garbage into a fire. Glory Hallaluyah if thats what you want to worship go ahead. Not me. I'll settle for oblivion.

May 18

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  • So you know nothing about Christianity or science

  • I was thinking the same thing. I'm an atheist but would never use this silly straw-man argument.

  • Its not a straw man argument. Its a very profound truth. An unpleasant truth for believers but a truth nontheless.

  • Not even close to truth

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