Big problem (literally)

My son is a a normal, good looking, healthy 13 year old boy. But there is a large problem. His P****! He is VERY well endowed, as in John Holmes stunt double big. And the word is out. All the girls in his school and the neighborhood know about it.
His father thinks it is hilarious but I do not. He has become sexually active way too young in my opinion. Its not just girls in his class. I am dealing with high school girls around 17 and 18 years old trying to hook up with him. I have even had a couple of the neighborhood moms ask me if the rumors are true.
I am trying to keep him isolated but with all these girls throwing it at him constantly its not working. He is having more s** than I am! And I am terrified that he is going to get some girl (or girls) pregnant.
What can I do???

19 days

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