Worth it?

Am I ...? Aren't we all at some level...? Fluidity seems to be the KEY word of the century. It's been too long...Sharing this could certainly hurt the ones I love the most...I have been granted another chance at life after being diagnosed with this insidious, God-forsaken disease. I keep telling myself I should live MY truth. However, is this TRUTH worth hurting and upsetting, permanently, the lives of those I love the most? I cannot fathom hurting them...I wouldn't be able to live on with the guilt. Oh, well...I am just thinking about ALL the ones who were not fortunate enough to have another chance at life...and I keep asking myself...why me? Why was I chosen to be a "survivor" while I am not living my honest TRUTH? Why? I have lost SO many love ones to this disease...and here I am exercising my right to be a COWARD. Unacceptable. There MUST be an answer. A KIND one. -

Jun 10

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