I finally beat her back.

My narcissistic mother would often resort to violence when things don't go her way.

She's what you call a Communal Narcissist. In public, she's this pinnacle of virtue and within the house she's switches on a different button.

I've endured many types of abuse from her over the years. I've confronted her, and established boundaries. But of course, these don't work on a narcissist.

Just now she hit me. She had been yelling the house down for me to do something and one of the boundaries I established (she doesn't respect it of course but I practise it for my sake) was that I will not respond to yelling, name-calling, any type of violence. I of coursed ignored her usual tirades and she came at me hitting me.

Now I've decided that the next time she raises her hands to me, the energy will be returned. So I did. She turned on the waterworks, the name-calling and attacked me again. As soon as my sister came into view from the other room: she completely changed her narrative. She put up her hands and started wailing as if I'M the one who started the hitting. My sister is not an idiot, she knows. She actually said, "myname, just let her be".

If you grew up with narcissistic parents, you'd know. I've told this ** to move out of my house 🙄

A real ** shame. I was having such a good day and this ** had to ** it up.

But it feels good to have finally returned her abuse. It gives me courage. Now I've got to install CCTVs around the house in case it got legal. At least it'll prove that she's the one who always starts with the attacking.

Next Confession

I ** About My Best Friend

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  • Get the ** out as soon as possible

  • She lives in MY house that I bought. She's refusing to ** off. I have in mind to serve her with a legal letter.

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