Got fat, then diabetes

I got married to my wonderful husband nearly 20 years ago. Almost immediately, like on the honeymoon, I started gaining weight. You know how it is, now that you're married, you don't have to pay that much attention to your looks. So I kept gaining, slowly but steadily, and my loving hubby never seemed to mind; never said a word. We still have s** several times a week. Well, by now I've packed on over 200 pounds. Never really cared, in fact was happy as can be, but now it appears I've have developed early diabetes. Funny how you don't worry about something until you have to.

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  • My wife doubled her weight the first ten years of our marriage and I loved it. I've always preferred heavier women, but my dream was to marry a curvy, slender girl and fatten her up. In your case, apparently it just happened and you are lucky your husband approves. So long as your husband didn't object, you just relaxed and kept putting on weight.
    For me it was different. On our honeymoon I begged my wife to get fat. I did everything I could to encourage her to put on weight. When she developed diabetes, I encouraged her to lose only enough weight to improve her diabetes. She is still fat, but her weight is stable and medications successfully control her diabetes. I was forced to give up my wish for her to weigh over 300 pounds, but at 250 pounds, she is still heavy and soft enough to please me. She loves the attention and the food, and enjoys being fat.

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  • Diabetes is not something to brush off.My wife has it and controls it with metformin pills.She has lost a lot of weight she is 74 years old and I love her dearly.She told me that food was comforting to her that is why she gained a lot of weight plus her ex husband ran around with other women.
    Daily she looks at her nude reflection in the mirror to see her progress.
    You can do it also start by loving yourself.

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  • No, I don't suspect him of cheating.

  • As he is a sweet husband, you must not eat him several times a week and your diabetes will be in control

  • Don't worry. I am fat and got diabetes too. I'm taking the pills the doctor gave me and it's all under control. In fact, I've gone back to eating all the junk I used to and am getting fatter. Woohoo. It's all good. Don't get worked up about it. Get the pills and eat away!

  • I'm glad you are doing well. What you said is very tempting. I'll think about it. Honestly, I wasn't at all crazy about having to diet!

  • I stave my gf and plan to be just as restrictive after we get married. I make her wear just her underwear around and often I'll eat but make her sit and just have a glass of water. Sometimes she faints and then I know I've gone a little too far.

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