Harvey brought us under one roof one husband one family

It was during Harvey that I got flooded out of my renthouse and found myself at a shelter surrounded by hundreds of desperate people. I had on only my PJ bottoms and tank top without a bra, no shoes. I couldn't take anything from the pile of clothes, I couldn't walk into the bathrooms. I found a desk where they had cellphones to call for someone, text first and then call. I instinctively called my boss at work, I wanted him to come save me.

When he arrived four hours later because of the traffic and the closed roads, I hung onto him, I couldn't let go. Right then, in all that all I wanted was for him to save me, protect me, take care of me. He took me to his house. I had lost everything, later we found out that water was over six feet in the house and nothing was salvageable. I didn't have rental insurance, for which I got balled out, all I had was him, nothing mattered to me because I was with him.

That first day there was electricity at his house and air conditioning, his wife loaned me some clothes that didn't fit, we would go out the next day to look for some clothes somewhere. That night I sleep walked to their room and got in bed with them, with him. I held onto him, and he held me and soon I was under him while he performed ** with me. I woke up in the morning with his sperm in my body and my mind lost, overwhelmed and in love with him.

With out electricity we evacuated to norther Texas and a room at a motel. The three of us and I refused to sleep alone. His wife was patient enough but she did ask me if I had any idea what I was doing, sleeping with a married man, sleeping with my boss, having unprotected **, not to mention sleeping in a bed with a man and his wife. Having ** in a bed while the man's wife was there. He had ** with her too.

I became pregnant and she followed suit and we were both pregnant and delivered a month apart. I had the boy and she had the girl, a brother and sister pair if there ever was one. I was unable to separate, to return to a life living on my own, I was emotionally, functionally, financially dependent. Being the younger one with the smaller salary and I couldn't really return to work living and having a child with my boss, I stayed home with the children. The stay at home mom.

During the pandemic we used the time to make another baby and we delivered these babies four days apart. Another pair, but this time I had the girl and she had the boy. She worked from home, and he still had to go in because his job was a considered essential. During that year we got to really know each other, day and night and nursing babies together. We didn't know how to call ourselves so we chose 'sisters'. Sister wives some call us.

Live is not back to normal, we have four children and we are letting nature takes its course with us, we want our third child to be born within shouting distance of the other two. Like our first two, we are getting pregnant together. Yes this brings us closer, the very act of ** to become pregnant is vulnerable, we need each other at this tender moment while we achieve conception.

Feb 17

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  • Sometimes I wonder if I should
    And then ask if I could
    But here I sit
    Just **
    Always **

  • I insisted my floosy ** me and **. My wife was the only one to get pregnant. The floosy was the ** slave and house slave.

  • Woooooooooo my name is Hunter Biden I wanna skullfuck a raccoon and eat its meat alive! Wooooooooooooooo!

  • I feel ya brother. I ** my girlfriend's cat to death. Just the wails of anguish really get you on!

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