My first post.
I’m 23, live at home with my parents in the uk. Religious, doesn’t help.
I’ve led a quiet life, school followed by work selling on the phone and more recently admin.
Am not great looking, as my father says plain and never really had the confidence around men. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about it though. I m********* a lot and think about it even more. I have thought about chaturbate but the reality is either of my parents might walk in and they would kill me. I m********* to it as well as p*** but my favourite is what’s written on here. I love reading about s**. I don’t own a vibrator though I don’t think many men would watch me.
I’ve kissed twice, once in my teens the other 21. I don’t think any man has really touched me. The closest I’ve been was doing phone sales when one of the confident sales men if he sat next to me used to quietly put his hand on the inside of my thigh or higher. I would freeze. I never tried to move it. He never tried to take it further though.
I’ve never had even phone s**. About the closest would be when speaking to a potential customer and you would get crude sexual comments from men. At least 1 a week. Even though I knew the calls were recorded sometimes I’d just stay on the phone not saying anything or carrying on trying to sell just for the thrill of their dirty talk, just for a minute or 2.
I might not be the most sexy but 1 day I will find a man and when I do I know I’ll make him happy. Watching p***, watching women, reading here, I have a good idea what men want and need and I’m willing to give it a go.

Jun 19

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