I want to have have relations with my mom

For context I'm 16 and I have a single mother is in her 40s. She has a great body and is very good looking. Me and her have a fantastic relationship and I wouldn't trade her, or the times we've had for anything in this world. And up until a few weeks ago I've never had thoughts of having s** with my mom or anything like that. But recently I've been having these thoughts and I cant stop thinking about it. about a week ago I jerked off in the same room as my mom. My computer is in the living room, which was were she was, and where my computer is she cant see me, but I can she her, so I was watching a video and I got super h**** and I couldn't wait to go to the bathroom, so I did it right there. Literally 6-7 feet away from my mom, while doing it I kept glancing at my mom to make sure she wasn't looking, and the fact that I can get caught at any given second turned me on so much, and I think that considering my mom would catch me, turned me on even more. Also while looking at her I would hope that she would catch me and come over and help me finish. Eventually I did finish and she didn't catch me. But ever since then the thoughts of having s** with my mom have been increasing. Saying all of this in my head sounds awful, I mean she's my mom. She's the women who has been raising me for 16 years. But I cant help but keeping thinking about having s** with her, and I really want it.

29 days

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